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2nd stab at my eyebrow

For many years I had longed to have my eyebrow pierced. My first attempt at it came earlier this year (March 2005). I had my left eyebrow pierced and wore a 20 gauge CBR in it. I was soon to learn that this was way too small a gauge for any piercing, and any reputable piercer should know otherwise. Live and learn I guess. That particular piercing only lasted a nasty, puss-filled, 3 weeks before I removed it due to it beginning to reject as a result of the jewellery being way too small.

Fast forward to Wednesday of last week. I was in Pismo Beach, CA with my wife, when we walked in to Mothership. Mothership is without a doubt the best tattoo and piercing shop I have ever visited. Jonny, one of the piercers there, had pierced both of my helixes about a month earlier, so I went in to say hello and to see about getting my eyebrow repierced.

Jonny immediately recognized me, and I showed him my helixes so he could see how well they had healed. He said they looked good and healthy and to continue doing sea salt soaks on them. To which I responded with "OK... wanna pierce my eyebrow?" He told me it would be no problem and then disappeared to his work area in the back to set up.

After a few minutes he called me back to his room where he had all the necessary equipment arranged. From then on it was the usual drill. Fill out the necessary forms and whatnot. I was going to be pierced with a 14 gauge needle and the jewellery would be a 14 gauge CBR. I had thought that 14 gauge would be way too big of a gauge for an eyebrow, but Jonny informed me that he does almost all eyebrow piercings with a 14 gauge, and that the reason for my last eyebrow ring rejecting was most likely because the 20 gauge ring I had was just way too small, and it was easier for my body to just push it out, rather than heal around it. Makes alot of sense.

From then on, more of the usual. Jonny marked my eyebrow (the left one again, I sleep on my right side) and handed me a mirror for me to OK the placement. It looked just fine to me, so on went the clamp. He told me to take a deep breath in, and on my exhale he would pierce me. Breathe in...... breathe out.... a slight pinch, and the needle was through. He then told me that it was going to hurt a little as he put the ring in, but even that wasn't very bad at all. I was suprised though, at the technique that he used. He pierced from the bottom upward. The first time I got my eyebrow pierced, they guy who did it pierced from the top downward. Strange as it may seem, the way Jonny pierced it (bottom upward) hurt way less. There wasn't any time where I would say the procedure was painful. Just a little tiny pinch as the needle went through, and another as he slid the ring in. Much to my suprise, I didn't bleed one drop. With my previous eyebrow piercing, I bled like crazy. Jonny told me that that probably happened because the guy who did my eyebrow the first time most likely used a bigger needle than the gauge of the jewellery, so that allowed for some bleeding.

So, all finished. I got up and took a look at my repierced eyebrow. It looked (and still does look) great. No blood or swelling or bruising of any kind. I got the aftercare sheet of instuctions from Jonny, paid him, and thanked him again, and was on my merry way.

It's been a week since then and my eyebrow is healing beautifully. Hardly any crusties, no bleeding, no swelling, no pain, nothing. Just a healthy eyebrow ring. And I expect nothing less, as I am following the aftercare instructions I was given to the letter. Wash twice a day with mild antibacterial soap, and a sea salt soak once a day.

It goes very well with my other piercings too (2 14 gauge helix rings, 0 gauge lobes, and 14 gauge labret).

In closing, I'd just like to say that if you are thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced, most definetely do it. It's a very quick and painless procedure. Just don't do what I did the first time and go to some fly-by-night who claims that he is a "professional." Always go to a reputable shop. And if you ever find yourself in Pismo Beach, CA, definetely stop by Mothership. I can't say enough good things about that place.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jonny
Studio: Mothership
Location: Pismo+Beach%2C+CA

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