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A Bridge from the Past to the Future.

Things where changing in my life. My ex-wife and I where not doing so well and we where heading in opposite directions. I decided it was time to spread my wings a little and get a new piercing. I wanted something I had not had before, not something I had taken out and wanted to redo. I decided it was time to pierce my bridge.

My trusted piercing parlor was an hour away in Oklahoma City. However a year or so before I had gotten a job working in Oklahoma City and found myself hanging around from time to time before I would come home. I had started to make some new friends and somehow it came about that one of my new friends was to accompany me to the piercing shop. Her boyfriend wanted to get his nipples done. So we sort of set a date. Oddly enough it did not work out that I would be going there after work, but running back to the city after going home from work. Well I was at home, waiting for a call from my friend and becoming concerned if she was going to call. Well she finally did, and it was time to rush to town and get this show on the road.

Aside from some impatience that it would take me so long to get there, things went fairly smooth. There was this little issue of her boyfriend not being able to find his license, so he would not be able to get pierced. We where not going to call of the even because of that. I was still rip roaring and ready to go. We all piled in my little Honda and headed for 23rd Street Body Piercing.

I felt a little weird carrying my own "fan club" if you will. There was my friend Krystal, her boyfriend and some other friend. They all came to watch me get my bridge pierced. We walked in and up to the counter. Everyone started looking at jewelry. After a few moments one of the ladies behind the counter came and asked how she could help us. Everyone, if not with their finger, than with their eyes, pointed at me. I announced that I wanted to get by bridge pierced. One of the pierces behind the counter looked at me and told me something about it being good that I had glasses. He said that I could hide it. I commented that I did not really wish to hide it and planned on getting contacts soon. He told me I would get tired of people asking about it and making faces. Apparently this is the type of reaction he had with his.

The shop was not very busy. After looking around at the jewelry for a bit, I was called back and my fan club* followed. We where taken into one of the piercing rooms. Everything was as clean, sterile and neat as always. I was instructed to sit on the table/bench like thing in the middle of the room. I took of my glasses and the piercer carefully made marks on wither side of my bridge. He asked me to check them out in the mirror to see if I like the. Well, this part was a bit tough for me. I am terribly nearsighted and without my glasses I had to stand almost nose to mirror to see anything. If I put my glasses on, the dots would be somewhat covered. I did the best I could to examine the marks, then turned about and asked what everyone else thought. No one saw any problem with the dots and I told the pierced it was fine.

He then had me lay down on the table and I handed off my glasses for someone to hold. If I set them down somewhere I may not be able to find them again, plus there is that paranoia that I would step on them or something. I closed my eyes, it would have been just too mind boggling to sit there and try to see what was going on. The piercer had me breath in and out a couple of times before he pushed the needle though. I had worked up my usual fear of, "What if this one really hurts." I did not let that scare me out of getting pierced, obviously. It was nothing. I barely felt anything. It was over and done before I knew it. My fan club seemed to enjoy the show. I checked it out in the mirror again, with and then without my glasses. The door to the room was opened and we all filed out.

On the way out the gentleman behind the counter had to take a look at it. He seemed to like it as well. I know I loved it. I could feel the excitement building deep down inside. I was starting to feel on top of the world. It was only temporary, that is why one has to get pierced from time to time. I took my fan club back to where I found them and headed home myself. It was a good hour drive home and I spent most of the time jumping around and singing to the radio, when it would work.

I was given the instruction to do saline soaks a few times a day and to clean it with provon a couple of times a day. I had asked how I was supposed to soak my bridge before I left the shop and they suggested I use cotton balls and soak them in the saline solution and hold it to the piercing. I followed those instructions and soaked at least three times a day. I would clean with provon at least one a day but sometimes more. I had the usual crusties form around the end of the bar. I found that the soaks helped to soften that stuff up so that the provon cleanings would be a breeze.

Most people did not notice my piercing at first. A couple of weeks later I did go and get contacts. After that, of course, more people noticed. I got the somewhat frequent, did that hurt. Occasionally I would get the question of, does it go all the way thought. Every now and then someone would cringe at it, but not that often. A few people at work asked if I had gotten a new piercing. I had to explain that I had it for some time, but I just got contacts, so now you can see it better.

After the first two or three weeks of cleaning, it healed up quite nicely. I have always been pretty lucky in that I heal quickly. After about six months my contact supply ran out and I did not have the money to get more. I ended up wearing glasses again. When I went to get contacts, I also got a pair of dark rimmed glasses for when I was not wearing my contacts, and just in case. I started wearing them all the time. As I met new people they would not notice the bridge piercing because of the glasses. If I took my glasses off to clean them or to rub my eyes, whatever, it would then get noticed. Sometimes when I would lean over or look down people would catch a glimpse of it and start asking question. I definitely started to understand what the guy at the shop was saying.

At this time in my life, this piercing sort of represented my moving on. One relationship was ending and a new life for me was about to begin. In some way, it started with my bridge.

*All references to "fan club" are in humor. I am not popular nor do I have my own fan club. Any similarity to actual people is quite likely, you just may know them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jason%2C+I+think
Studio: 23rd+Street+Body+Piercing.
Location: Oklahoma+City

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