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Multiple eyebrow

It was a Friday afternoon. I had been hanging out for this for so long. I was so excited that I ran home from school, not caring about the on coming traffic that I just annoyed by running out in the middle of the road. After a lot of car horns and rude gestures I was finally home, ready for my mum to take me downtown to get my eyebrow pierced.

Mum and Dad thought I was only getting my eyebrow done, so I kind of got grounded for a while, but it was well worth it. When Mum was waiting for me to come out, I saw her walking around the shop bored out of her mind. She was walking around in circles, looking at the price of the same thing over and over, stuff like that.

As I was watching my Mum go insane with worry, I heard my piercer enter the room. She introduced herself, I've forgotten her name now, and after she introduced herself she got straight to business. She asked me to gently lie down on the bed she had there. It wasn't really a bed.... More like a table with a hard cushion on it, like those stupid things at the doctor surgeries. Once I was lying down she gently rubbed something over my eyebrow to numb it. I didn't see exactly what it was because she asked me to close my eyes, but I could feel it was a gel of some sort. It worked really fast, I was gladly surprised. She rubbed it on, then got the needle ready then was ready to pierce my eyebrow within 30 seconds! I was a little scared that the numbing agent wasn't going to work seeing as she was ready to go so early, but that worry went away once she started. I felt the top and the bottom of my eyebrow be pushed together very tightly, and then pulled on. I guessed that she was tightening it so it was easier to pierce through, but I was not completely sure.

The worst part of that first piercing was feeling the needle go through my skin and inside me, it felt really gross, the feeling of a sharp needle going through your eyebrow. But once that was done, she sat me up for a little bit. She told me to sit up but I sat up then stood up straight away, not knowing what would happen. As I got up I took a couple of steps and I got really dizzy and so I quickly got back to the bed and sat down on it again, not wanting to stand up again. But then she told me it was ok to stand up, so I stood up and looked in the mirror that was in the piercing studio. I thought it looked really cool. A couple of my mates have an eyebrow piercing, but none of them had a ring like I did, they all had the poles. I then asked the piercer if she would give me another ring, so I could have two on one eyebrow, and she said I could, but it would hurt more. I asked her why it would hurt more and she replied with a pretty worthy response. She told me that she used the clamp to pull my eyebrow really tight so it was easy to pierce through, the second time she wouldn't be able to use the clamp because I had the first one in the way, she'd have to pull it with her fingers. I said that was ok, and she went ahead and did my second one.

The second one did hurt a little bit more then the first, but it still didn't hurt very much. The feeling of the needle going through was even worse with my second ring, because it wasn't pulled as tight as the other one. I could feel the hook moving around inside my eyebrow, it was the worst, I was really glad when it was over. She gave me some cotton wool to put on my eyebrow to stop it bleeding, and I decided to sit down like she says this time. Once she said it was ok I went and looked in the same mirror. It looked really damn cool.

I was, and still am, really proud of my new piercings. The next day, I showed them off to all my mates at school and they thought the two rings looked awesome also. This was my first ever piercing. Heaps of people said I was crazy for getting this done. I had my lobe down, but that's kid stuff compared to most piercings, so I counted this as my first two piercings. I love piercings and I want to get more, it's just the parent issue. But I promise if I get any new piercings, you'll be the first to know.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Location: Mandurah%2C+WA%2C+Australia

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