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This is Why I Respect My Piercer

Since I was fourteen I liked the idea of facial piercing. I don't know what started me on the idea, but it has always intrigued me. From the start the three that I wanted were labret, eyebrow, and industrial.

The other day I was having a bad day, I won't go into any details because that's not what's important here, but since my bad day happened to fall on a pay day, I decided that a good thing to do would be to get a new piercing.

It wasn't my first piercing; I've already got the labret. I knew the wonderful feeling you get when endorphins and adrenaline start to rush. That's why I knew that some more metal in my face would be exactly the thing to turn my day around. My ears aren't right for an industrial, so I went with my eyebrow.

I went to the same piercer, he is the most experienced and skilled piercer in town, and, I believe, the most ethical. There is a place in Iowa City that will pierce anything on anyone, and that disgusts me. So I go to Bil in the Hall Mall, located in the Pedmall of Iowa City. His shop is now called Focus Body Piercings, but before it was called Atomic, he also pierced a number of other places.

I went in and everything was like normal at first. I did the paperwork, that release of liability sheet. He found an eyebrow ring, but he had to put it through the autoclave. His apprentice set up the tray. Took the needle, clamps, and jewelry out of their packages and put them on the sterile field. Bil took a Sharpie and marked two dots, one above and one below my left eyebrow. He explained this to his apprentice as he did it. Then he handed the marker to me because he only uses them once and gives them away. Then he took the clamps, lined them up with the dots, and put the needle through.

The first thing I noticed was that it hurt more than the labret did, but it wasn't unbearable or anything., it just stung more.

"Marshal, grab a handful of Q-Tips," Bil said to his apprentice.

"Is it bleeding?" I asked.

"No, but it will be," he answered.

He replaced the needle with the jewelry and I felt it. Hot blood was dripping down my face and into my neck. He gave me paper towel to keep the blood from dripping onto my shirt. There was a lot of glove changing involved. I don't remember exactly what was happening, all I remember is that I started to feel ill. I told Bil this and he warned Marshal that he would have to get the trash can if I needed it. They got the blood flow under control and laid the piercing chair back for me to rest a bit. Marshal was still dabbing my eyebrow with the Q-Tip while Bil went down the hall to get me a Pepsi. I felt fine within seconds.

We discussed it afterwards, Marshal had put the wrong sized needle on the tray, and that's why it bled so much. My ill feeling was probably a mix of the fact that all I had eaten that day was a grilled cheese sandwich an hour and a half ago and that I could feel blood dripping down my face so I had extra endorphins. Apparently when he first started piercing, they would always size up the needles, and something like that would always happen.

He told me that my piercing was free, even though it wasn't his fault. It makes sense because it would still reflect on his business. I didn't even have to pay for the jewelry or the soda, I could just walk out. The piercing is fine now. It's perfectly straight and you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at it that there was any sort of mess up, but he still gave it to me completely free, just because I bled more. He also gave me very clear aftercare instructions and a brochure from the APP.

After I got the piercing I walked downtown where I saw my friend David and I told him the story. He said that if it was pierced by Bil than he trusts it. Bil knows what he's doing for any piercing, but especially with eyebrows. It seems Bil used to have huge gauged eyebrows with giant spikes that looked a lot like devil horns. The only reason he took them out was because they were so heavy his eyebrows started to sag.

Bil has personal experience along with more professional experience than any other piercer I know, and he holds his business so highly that he gives away his piercings, jewelry and all, at the slightest mistake. This is why I respect my piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Bil
Studio: Focus+Body+Piercings
Location: Iowa+CIty%2C+IA

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