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The Quest of the Piercing of the Flesh of Betweenst Thine Eyes

T'was a recent occurrence, barely three moons have passed since I acquired a new addition to the temple that is my body. I was to visit a piercer of the flesh, a young wench that goes by the name of Gillian. T'were a sunny day, and upon my awakening in the early hours of the morn, husband exclaimed:

"Thou hast been pining for new holes, and I shalt travel with thee in my horseless cart to the village of Carlisle, and we shall visit a piercer of the flesh. T'is a day of leisure for thou and I."

I was astoned(1) by this announcement from dearest husband of mine, and I made haste to prepare myself for the journey to ye village of Carlisle.

I had been dreaming of a new hole for many seasons, and whence I had acquired the idea of placement, I became demonised in obsession. My fellow townspeople feared my decision. For thee, it was a decision influenced by the devil. I listened often to callings of "I pray to thee, banish thy demons, for a piercing of the flesh upon thine bridge will herald thee a social abomination!" and speeches to effects of the same

You read correctly good reader, for indeed I pined for a piercing of the flesh located upon my bridge. T'is located upon thy face, and between thine eyes. A strange idea perhaps, especially in this market town of Penrith, where the colour black worn on thy body is considered devil worship.

Minding their opinion not, I got my toute (2) into ye horseless carriage of my husband, and began 'Ye Olde Quest of Piercing of the Flesh of between thine eyes' insert dramatic questy olde type music here

We travelled along a grey expanse of concrete, t'was marked with a pure white line intermittently along its whole length. My eyes became transfixed upon it, as the stotless (3) carriage speeded along. I was to be pierced this morrow, and excited I was becoming.

Upon arrival at ye Tattoo Studio, my breath came blyve(4) causing a slight dizziness. My husband held me, laughing at my apparent state of nervousness. Nervous I was not, but alas, he thought I was. My husband and I, meandered into the shoppe, and were welcomed by Gillian and Gemma, two maidens of the modification world. Gillian is the wench who has pierced my flesh on many an occasion, and today would be doing so eftsoone(5).

"Good morrow fair maiden, and thy spouse Popple, how be thee on this fair day?" spoke Gillian. "T'is a happy day, Gillian, for I wish for thou to pierce my flesh, and for it to be located on my bridge." "That is a bold request, are thoust sure? "For indeed I am, is such a piercing of the flesh a problem for thee?" I enquired
"T'is not a problem for me, carest thou to follow me?

With that, Gillian led myself into ye chamber of Piercing of the Flesh. My eyes perceived ye chamber was clean and tidy, with none of the dirt upon the floor or surfaces. A shudder I did emit, for this chamber were far too clean for peasants such as myself, who live in squalor.

Upon the bed I did place my toute(2), and did proceed to converse with Gillian, and maiden Gemma, whom assists in piercing of the flesh. Gillian and Gemma both began to purveye(6) for the upcoming puncture to thy flesh. I was spoken to, and axed(7) to lie my body down upon the bed, for they would need me in said position.

"Wouldst thou like to have thy flesh pierced with or without the mystical magic spray that stops pain from occurring. My suggestion to thee is to refuse, for the magical spray should nay come into contact with thine eyes, for it shall cause damage."

"I should refuse? Can the spray of magic be really so powerful? I believe in thy wisdom fair Gillian and I shall allow thee to pierce my flesh without such aid as magic spray, so longe as thou is gentle."

Once my choice had been made, thy bridge was marked with an implement that stained ye skin. Alas, where ye mark was placed, was not where my desire lay. Upon another attempt, an agreement between fair Gillian and myself was agreed. T'was further back than ye marks first made upon my flesh. Joyous I was, as I laid my body down again, ready to have my flesh pierced.

Ye air was thick with anticipation, for I had only had a single piercing of the flesh prior without ye magic numbing spray, and the paine encountered was intense. Fair Gillian enquired once more as to thy readiness, and affirming so, she began. Lest I be scared of needles close to thine eyes, I shutteth them. A sharp paine burned like the fires of helle between my eyes as ye sharp needle was pushed through the skin. T'was o'er shortly, less than a few seconds of paine thank the lord. I suppose that scrunching up thy face did nay help ye situation. Alas, curiosity got the better of my humble self, and I opened my eyes once the paine ceased. Quickly, I closed them, for having a needle nay far from my eyes caused fear in me.

During the closed eye period, ye felt a tugging between my eyes, as fair Gillian followed the metal bar through behind the needle. T'was a curved barbell, and in the futuristic measurements, t'was about 1.6mm in width. I did nay realise the barbell that was to be used was curved, I envisioned a straight one wouldst be used.

I sat up slow on ye bed, and glanced across ye room into the mystical glass that shows reflections. I was stunned at what the glass showed my eyes, for the round objects perched upon my nose, were on the rather large side! Wench Gillian started to speak:

"I apologise for the largeness of thy balls (snigger), alas, my supply of smaller balls has run dry, and it may be weeks afore new ones arrive. Is ye okay with thy balls of the larger variety?" "Indeed, I feel that the balls are thrice larger than they shouldst, yet I shall bear with them, for I do nay mind."

Husband also felt that the balls were thrice large than should be, and issued his complaint once we had left ye olde tattoo studio and entered our horseless carriage on the longe journey to our home. In ye horseless carriage, I possessed yet another magic glass, and admired my new adornment the whole journey home.

To clean ye new piercing of the flesh, I used some of ye balls of cotton wool, soaked in a cleansing solution of warm water and sea salt. T'was a rather uneventful healing process, it seems that the spirits were looking down upon myself and helped my piercing of the flesh of the bridge of my nose and after 7 days and nights, ye piercing wound seemed to have healed! I scrounged in my magic wee box, and discovered two balls, of a small size, of which I replaced ye large balls with. T'were of a beautiful blue and ye focus on thine eyes whenst looking upon me.

I thankest thee, fair Gillian, and I also thankest thee, the reader of my quest, for thou must have a pain in thy heade now, or else be rather confused. I also wouldst thank ebowlotus1960, for inspiring thyself to write such a difficult work.

1) Astoned – amazed 2) toute - Arse, Bum. 3) Stotless –Horseless 4 Blyve - Quickly 5) Eftsoone – again 6) Purveye – Prepare 7) Axed - Asked

Words acquired from the glossary of Middle English: http://www.librarius.com/cantales.htm


submitted by: Lozza_mc
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Wench+Gillian
Studio: ye+olde+tattoo+studio+%28Mikes+Tattooz%29
Location: Carlisle%2C+Cumbria%2C+UK

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