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The funky new piercing I absolutely had to have

A few months ago a dear friend of mine sent me a link to a "funky" new piercing she had heard of called an "anti-eyebrow" ... naturally, I was intrigued by the name and followed the link to the picture... I was amazed! It was so unusual, I had never seen anything like it before... I knew straight away this was to be my next piercing!

My friends advised against it, as the ignorant are always afraid of things they don't understand, but although they didn't think it would suit me I decided that it was my decision, my body, and my money!

It was amazingly difficult to talk to anybody around my area that had already had this done, as it is rather unusual in the city that I live in. In fact, I had never seen a person with an anti-eyebrow piercing before. This created a rather dubious atmosphere within my mind. Finally I decided to do something about my predicament and call every single piercing studio within so many miles of where I was situated.

I rang around a few piercing studio's, and most of them had never heard of an anti-eyebrow piercing so I had to explain whereabouts the piercing would be and what was usually involved (which I learnt from BME and my friends) and a lot of them turned me down, some because I was under 18, and some because they believed it would be dangerous to have a piercing near the eye. Finally I came to ringing "Ring Of Steel". The receptionist had never heard of the piercing and nor had the piercer himself, but was willing to do the procedure for me, and explained how it would only cost £20. I was over the moon! I was expecting it to be far more expensive!

The next day I travelled to Weston-Super-Mare (an hours bus journey away, but it was worth it) and released my nervousness and pulled myself together. The piercer was very professional, and I had been assured that everything was sterilised (he opened the air tight bags in front of me to make me feel at ease) and that it shouldn't take too long. He gave me a pen and told me to put dots where I would like the piercing to enter/exit my skin. I drew the marks and sat on the bed. He asked me to lie down, which I did, and told me to close my eyes...which I also did. He attached the clamp to my face, which I must admit was rather uncomfortable, but far from unbearable. He lubricated the needle with tea-tree oil and quickly pierced my anti-eyebrow through the dots I had drawn. It was so quick and painless...but that wasn't the end of it. He had used a sort of plastic tubing instead of a normal metal surface barbell (he said they never used metal on surface piercings and explained how it is less likely to reject or grow out quickly because the plastic warms up with your body and moves with your face) and this plastic had no grooves for the balls that were to be screwed onto the end. Ten minutes later, will a lot of pinching and pulling, the balls screwed on and he checked it was secure. There was a tiny amount of blood, (far less an amount even than if you cut your finger slightly whilst cutting an apple)and I was given some tea tree solution, told me to clean it twice a day using a non-alcoholic antiseptic, TCP or Savlon, and advised not to use salt water or saline solution on my brand new sparkly piercing.

The first two days of having the piercing were fine.... now, on my third day, I have a bruised eye, but that doesn't bother me because it is absolutely amazing! I have strangers asking me "does it hurt" or "wow, what is that?" and possibly the most funny "you are fking crazy" by a man who was about to get his tongue pierced, but decided against it after seeing me bleeding slightly from my face....

All in all it is an amazing piercing, and all my friends have admitted they were wrong and they all like my lovely anti-eyebrow piercing. Although I have been getting strange looks from some people, I really love the attention this piercing brings, it's individuality, its originality, and the fact that I was willing to risk scarring to make my body more beautiful. I cannot wait for it to heal fully...and I am praying my body doesn't reject it. I love it, and it was well worth ten minutes of pinching. I recommend this piercing to anybody who wants a truly unique piercing....

My "Notes so far" on the piercing...It will probably swell slightly, Ice helps with the bruising, Be careful when brushing hair and when in intimate situations, as it can easily be bumped and will bruise further.

Feel free to email me and I will tell you how it is going and answer any questions anybody may have.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+know+his+name
Studio: Ring+Of+Steel
Location: Weston-super-mare%2C+England

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