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First Time Getting Pierced, Loved It

I was walking down the street and saw my friend and he had a guy with him, and I saw that he had an eyebrow piercing, and I really liked how it looked. I had been looking at pictures of tattoos and piercings a lot lately, and after seeing his piercing, I decided that it would be an awesome experience to get one. That night, I researched local piercing places and the types of piercings, barbells, rings, checked out some pictures and compared what I liked and what I didn't. I read stories about the piercings, what would happen if it got infected, and the standard cleaning procedure. I did all the research I could do in less than 24 hours. 
The next day, I went with my best friend and boyfriend to Kaoz, a place close to my university, and asked the guy behind the counter some questions, the price, the number of people who had come back complaining of infection, etc. This was a big step for me, who only had her ears pierced until that day. After looking over the procedure, I signed the papers, and started to freak out as they called me to the back. They let my friends come with me, and the lady swabbed down my ear with some alcohol and then some iodine, I think. I'm not all too sure. The entire time she was doing this, I was checking out her certification papers on the wall. She had 3, so I felt somewhat safe. She then made a few markings where I would be pierced, and after getting the spot I wanted, she told me to lie down and close my eyes. After closing them for a few minutes, I felt a pinch, which felt exactly like it would to give blood in a bloodmobile. It was relatively pain free, and then she said the barbell was in and that I could sit up. She cleaned me up, said something like "you're a bleeder!" and that was it, I was pierced. I looked in the mirror, and I loved it, it looked great. 
It has only been a day since I've had it done. I clean it with sea salts and make sure not to touch it. I've read many horror stories of what may happen if you don't leave it alone, like swelling and the like. Even though it has only been a day, it looks relatively healthy. There's no swelling, no bruising, just a bit of dried blood around the ends of the piercing which I'm still wary about getting too close to. I warm up some water every 2 or so hours and lay it on the spot to cleanse it and kill all the bacteria. I also spray it with H2Ocean every now and again, which is exactly like the sea salt bath, but it's a spray so I can do it when I'm not at home.  
The entire thing cost me a pretty penny, almost $60, including tip, but it was my 19th birthday present to myself, and I like seeing myself in the mirror with an eyebrow piercing. I like the barbell because it is more industrial looking, as opposed to a ring, which to me was just too dainty. I haven't told my parents yet (I will in a few days), and they'll flip, conservative Christians that they are, but I am an adult and can make my own decisions. Only a few friends have seen it thus far, and my conservative friends think I've made a grave mistake, but the others love it. They say it looks really good, especially with my face shape and type (I don't have a plain face, it has dark features), and now I even have a few friends who want to get piercings and tattoos now because I went through the "scariness" first.  
I am proud to say I did it for myself and no one else. I think the biggest mistake is doing it to look like somebody or because someone you really admire likes piercings. I did it because I wanted to and I like how it would look on me (trust me, I did the whole put small circles on your brow thing to see how it looks before getting it done). My friends, those who oppose it, especially, I can care less about what they think now, I am secure enough with myself and my decisions that I don't have to please anyone else.   
And the best part was, like I said, that it didn't hurt. Now I feel as if I should get more done. But that's a bit too much in a period less than a day to even start thinking about.  
Oh, and the place I got it done at looked quite sketch on the outside, but it was good inside. So, don't necessarily judge based on the appearance on the outside.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Kaoz
Location: Gainesville%2C+FL

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