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Eyebrow Piercing

It was midway through my senior year in high-school. It seemed like everyone was getting something pierced, kind of like a graduation present to themselves. I had been considering a few piercings, but I had been holding off at my family's pleas. After seeing everyone else's piercings, and adoring their unique appeal, I decided I wasn't going to be waiting any longer.

I had asked a friend where she went to get her eyebrow pierced, and she referred me to a local tattoo shop called Lucky Thirteen. I went and checked it out before I would allow myself to go under the needle. Seeing that it was decent, and most of all clean, I made my way to Lucky Thirteen the next week.

Butterflies danced in my stomach as I entered the shop. I wasn't quite sure if it was fear that was making me so uneasy, or whether it was the immense excitement that was searing through my veins. I noticed that whenever I get piercings, I'm on a weird sort of high that makes the experience almost pleasant in a strange way. Nevertheless, I filled out my paperwork, and made my way into the back room where I would be getting pierced.

The man was very nice, and was talking to me throughout the procedure. He caught on that I was a tad bit nervous, so he remedied my fears with a few jokes. He cleaned his tools, and opened a fresh package with the needle. He turned to me, and I knew it was now or never. I decided to be a sissy, and shut my eyes as he neared my face with the needle. I felt a slight pull on the left side of my face, and heard a faint snapping sound. Unfortunately, I decided to open my eyes at this point, which allowed for a few drops of blood to land in my eye. ICK! The piercing was over though, and I had barely even noticed what he did!. I've been told that the reason being for this, is that there are so few nerves in your eyebrows, that it is like piercing dead skin, virtually painless.

After he sprayed some kind of cold stuff over the fresh piercing, he proceeded to inform me of the aftercare that I would have to do to maintain a healthy piercing. I didn't buy the bottle of antiseptic that he recommended, but decided to use something I had at home. This was a huge mistake however. In trying to save my money, and resorting to household antiseptics... I paid full price, as far as piercing horror stories are concerned.

A few weeks after my piercing, the wound did not seem to be healing properly. The outsides of the holes had become tinted bluish purple, and the skin felt rough and hard to the touch. It was constantly oozing puss, more than the normal amount. Thinking it would soon pass, and was part of the healing process, I continued my methods of aftercare. Not even two weeks later, an angry red bump had formed next to the top hole. That didnt go away either. Instead, a friend of my sister's informed me that what I was facing, was a sub-dermal infection.his meant that there was an infection brewing on the inside of my skin, that had formed a bubble like structure next to the piercing. It almost resembled a zit. EW! I tried to clean it off with H2ocean, hoping it would just go away if I used the right product... but I was wrong. I was told I had to pop the puss bubble, and drain out the infection, or face losing the piercing. So I was forced to allow for the bubble to be popped. It took fortyfive minutes of painful attempts to get rid of it. In the end, a friend of mine took out my eyebrow ring, and reinserted it, which ended up going RIGHT THROUGH the bubble, making a second hole at the top.The infection was able to be drained. For the next few weeks I carefully cleaned it with H2ocean, and made SURE bot to let anything like makeup or hair products to get into the piercing and agitate it. It was a bit bloody and crusty for quite a while,and so I decided to hide it with my bangs swept over to the side so no one would see how angry he piercing looked. This worked splendidly, seeing as no one even noticed I even had my eyebrow pierced. I felt so stupid for letting that infection happen.. so don't do what I did.Listen to your piercer, and don't use household items like Hydrogen Peroxide... it's bad!!!!

Six months later, the piercing looks awesome. it's only grown out a tiny bit,despite the fact it has almost been torn out at least three times(the only draw back of the piercing). Other than that, as long as it is properly taken care of with H2ocean(or whatever product your piercer recommends) you will love your eyebrow piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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