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Conquering my sad --but true-- fear

I am probably the worst person to get a piercing, ever. I flinch at the sight of needles, and hyperventilate when I think of pain.

That didn't deter me from getting an eyebrow piercing though!

I had been contemplating getting an eyebrow pierced, since you don't see an abundance of them in Winnipeg. I just wasn't the type for a belly-button piercing, as I never show off my stomach. And the nose is just too common. I was always nervous thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced, but completely excited! I never actually thought I'd do it, but that was the only piercing that intrigued me.

One day, while reading BME, I just decided it has to happen now; otherwise I'd never do it.

Luckily I have great parents. I was only 13, and completely nervous, but my mom and dad were both there. My parents have their fair share of tattoos and piercings (Nipple, belly-button, nose, tragus, and a multitude of standard ear piercings.) also, so I trusted their judgment. The rest of my family tried to pay me off not to get it, as it was a disgusting thing, blah blah. But it's not their face, and I can't make everyone happy. So one random day in July, I was sitting with my mom discussing her piercings and the fact that I wanted mine done, when my dad got a goofy grin on his face saying 'Lets phone and see if they can take you' by some pure luck, I got in a couple of hours later, due to a cancellation.

Metamorphosis had been recommended to me, by a few people, and I decided to go there.

Arriving at metamorphosis, it looked kind of dingy on the outside, yet on the inside it was perfect. Absolutely sanitary and everything you look for in a piercing/tattoo studio. My parents signed for it, and I filled out a standard questionnaire, and was ready to go. My dad, mom, AND brother also attended, when it was time to go in and sit down, I was completely shaken up. Once I learned that Dianne used a 'cooling gel' which was a topical anesthetic really calmed me down.

She talked me through what she was going to do, and how everything worked, what to expect, and what to do to take care of it. She was completely professional, and so nice. I'd go back in a second.

I have to say the clamps are the most uncomfortable of the process, or were for me. She had to maneuver them around, and they kept slipping off. Once they were firmly in place, and the positioning was right, I closed my eyes, gripped my brothers hand and 'On the count of 3' she pierced it! Done!

Yeah, well, not quite. Before she could get the barbell in, I started to bleed. She held some gauze to my eyebrow to stop the excessive bleeding, and I was soon right back where I started. The ring just didn't want to go in my eyebrow! My skin was not the type for an eyebrow piercing! So, naturally, I was scared as hell, but she decided to do it once more. This time hurt more than the first time, but the ring did go through! Voila!

Standing up, I got a bit of a rush, that's for sure, but I'm sure it was just the natural adrenaline. I was offered a sucker, and I sat down as my mom got her belly-button ring checked out. I was completely in love! My brother loved it, and my mom thought it was cute as hell! My dad just laughed at it.

The ring itself, I probably wouldn't recommend, it was a standard 18G titanium ring. It was pretty, but not good for everyday activities. Washing my face and pulling on T-shirts was a bit hard, because my ring would constantly snag.

I was in love! It was beautiful, and although a bit impractical, completely cute and fun. That lasted 3 months. 3 months after, my eyebrow started to swell. And swell. And swell. Well, I guess by the time it was starting to crust and be noticeably infected, I unscrewed it and pulled it out. I'm not sure if my skin was rejecting it, but it didn't seem like it. I didn't stick to the washing bit for the whole time, just because it was doing so well. So I'm guessing that was my problem.

I hated the 'no-touching' rule, because it was just so damned cute, I constantly wanted to touch it. I recommend following the cleaning rules, because that's the only way you can be completely sure that the piercing is right for your skin or not. I obviously didn't follow those rules, and it was a mistake never to be repeated.

I would like my eyebrow pierced again, and constantly think about getting it redone. I'm in the process of trying to psyche myself up for it again! Wish me luck!

I'd definitely recommend Metamorphosis, and I'd definitely recommend an eyebrow piercing. Cute and virtually painless! The perfect thing for Belonephobics (needlephobia) and algophobics (Pain Phobia)--Okay so not that extreme, but you get the picture-- like me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I%27m+pretty+sure+it+was+Dianne
Studio: Metamorphosis
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