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Another hole in my face...Anti-Eyebrow

  Okay so, I'm just like every other body modification fan, visiting BMEZINE everyday...I'm14 years of age. I'm a Christian and I believe in enhancing the "temple" a.k.a. my body so for those so called "Christians" against body modification, I ask you not to preach. Trust me, if I had read all of bible parts concerning piercings and tattoos and found that they were against my religion, I wouldn't be drooling over these wonderful works of art daily.

To begin my story, I usually looked at the piercings most familiar to me until some random day I come across the not-so-famous anti-eyebrow piercing. Just like that, I was determined to get one. They were so unique and appealing and then I discovered two of my friends got their anti-eyebrows done. So I figured, why the hell not?

I definitely like to research my soon-to-be piercing before I actually walk through those doors and get my face stabbed. Since this was a surface piercing it was generally new to me considering all my other piercings weren't. So first of all, I tried to see how long it would take until it rejected/migrated (considering most anti-eyebrows reject or migrate). I read one where this girl kept hers for 8 months and it was still healthy and all. So that kept my hopes up. Secondly, I had glanced at this one story about an infected orbital in someone's ear had caused her paralysis to that side of her face. So I checked nerve anatomy to check if there were any nerves that could possibly be damaged and lead to paralysis. I hadn't found anything so I just hoped for the best. And I wasn't worried about getting a black eye (because they say you'll most likely get a black eye within the first week of getting pierced)...even though I wanted to get it the week before my first day of high school to show off my individuality.

This paragraph is all about my six other piercings. First of all, I got my lobes done at two-years-old, (I've read that you're less prone to getting keloids if you get piercings at a very young age) and I stretched them to a 10g a couple months ago using safety pins. I had about five. At first I thought my swollen lymph glands were cancerous or tumors haha but that's because I knew nothing about stretching and I always get paranoid when something unexpected happens. I then got my right helix pierced at 11-years-old, it got ripped out by my hairbrush and I had to get it re-pierced in the other ear (unprofessionally by my friend) at 13-years-old, (it's been over a year and it's still not healed, I'm such an idiot) and then I got my bellybutton pierced when I was thirteen as well which healed fine in about 6 months (not a painful piercing). Then I got my labret done when I was still thirteen (obviously my piercing craze began at thirteen) and it was very tolerant with me and healed perfectly in a matter of 4-6 weeks (not a painful piercing). Then just about two months ago I got my right conch pierced (it got infected, got a nasty huge keloid and I'm rubbing Vitamin-E oil on it and babying it to heal it). And that's about all my piercings. But this story is about my anti-eyebrow experience.

The week before school started, I kept begging my mom to take me. (My mom is a fan of piercings unless they're really grotesque or if people take it overboard). So finally the day before school my mom was free to take me. My piercer Georgia the most wonderful piercer in the world had just quit and she said she wouldn't do surface piercings on a 14-year-old anyway so my only choice was to go to Knysna International Erotic something or other. That's where my friends had gotten theirs done. And I had brought my friend Kristyn along with me.

We got there and my mom instantly freaked and made me call my dad. You see, my dad dislikes piercings and told me that I was only allowed to get one facial piercing – my labret. But my dad had been kind of iffy about the anti-eyebrow piercing and never exactly said no so when he didn't pick up the phone I assured my mom he'd be okay with it. So my mom informed me one last time that if I paralyzed my face no one was responsible for it but me. But Christina (the piercer) said that she wasn't going deep enough to damage any nerves anyway so I'd be fine.

This piercing studio is kind of a walk-in place. You don't exactly make appointments. So we just...walked in. I was carefully observing how she sterilized the utensils and made sure the place was somewhat a clean environment. You could hear a tattoo artist's gun in another room droning me into relaxation. Kristyn was taking pictures and my mom was watching...horrified as always.

Christina marked my face and I asked her to remark it again deciding I liked the first placement. So she lowered the chair down (like a dentist) and I prayed to God I wouldn't be paralyzed hahaha. She told me she'd count to four and on four she'd push the needle through. Those damn clamps were more uncomfortable than I had ever remembered for any of my previous piercings, but when the needle went through on my exhale on four, honestly, I didn't feel a thing! It was absolutely painless. Definitely the least painful of all my piercings (unlike my conch, now that one hurt like a b*tch I tell you).

I asked Kristyn if it bled and she told me it did but I just wanted to see in comparison to the stories I'd read. It bled as much as I had expected it to – not very much. Christina didn't even give me a mirror to see so I instantly jumped up and looked in the mirror. I put my hands to my mouth and squealed, "It's BEAUTIFUL!" So the lady gave me an aftercare sheet and we were off.

For aftercare, she told me to use anti-bacterial soap and clean it everyday; but I want to check with Georgia before I do that so for now I'm simply cleaning it with sea-salt. Although in my research I was told that a 90-degree angle barbell is supposed to be better and less prone to rejection than a curved barbell, it made me nervous as she inserted a curved one. It's the next day and it's very tender and a little bit bruised. No black eye...yet.

Honestly, I'm not going to suggest you go and get it done because I get very frustrated when piercings become mainstream (yes, piercings do become mainstream cough tongue/nose cough but if you want to, go right ahead as long as you're not going to be lazy (like me) and not take care of it. It's awesome. And if you're wondering I got it at the angle facing my nose on the high point of my cheek bone in between the tip of my eyebrow and the edge of my eye on my left side.

So far, I've gotten mostly really negative comments about it. I'm assuming mostly from jealousy. I can live with people's opinions. I take criticism gracefully:). All I'm praying is that it doesn't reject or get infected and that I can keep it forever and ever and ever...


submitted by: bthatsme
on: 09 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Christina+Courchene
Studio: Kynsna+International
Location: Saskatoon%2C+Saskatchewan%2C+Canada

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