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Another one [piercing] bites the dust!

Hello? God damn it! The phone's dead again! Ah, what to do to pass the time? Hmm....

I walked towards the light. The bathroom light. I hopped up onto the camera and sat on the edge. I stared in the mirror. Eww. I hated that image. I hated looking at myself.

This isn't helping... I ought to do something interesting or productive while I wait for the phone to charge. Maybe something I can talk about when I get back on the phone?

It's Saturday night. As usual, I spend the majority of my time on the phone. The phone dies, and I'm not surprised. It's 10:40. After making pathetic attempts to occupy myself, I go back to the bathroom. I have something in mind, but no plan, no serious consideration. I hop back up on the counter. I look down. A safety pin lies alone on the pseudo-marble counter.

Earlier that day, I had realized that my pathetic attempt to stop my navel piercing from closing was definitely not working. I took the safety pin out of my stomach. The bottom looked to be about a 20 gauge. The top looked to be about an 18 gauge.

Oiy. ...I don't feel like going back to Whatever IV and getting it gauged back to the right size again.

I had opened the bathroom drawer that was mine, grabbed out a little baggie, and looked at the contents. A standard sterling silver captive bead ring. What was it for? My lip ring. You know... the lip piercing I never got. So I took it out... time for some fun.

Ack... who would have guessed that stretching up to a 14 gauge would feel like this?

So most of the tissue was numbed scar tissue, that didn't matter. I definitely felt it stretching. It didn't hurt. But afterwards, if felt like I had just repierced it or something. Every touch, pull, push, etc... felt that extremely trivial pain.

[Later, back to Saturday night]. It was now 11:40. I looked down at the safety pin, picked it up and looked at my face. I pushed against it, popped it open, then pressed it up against the underside of my eyebrow. Something was wrong.

I need to mark it with something...

I grabbed the eyeliner. I made two dots, one above and one below my eyebrow. I began pushing it. After a few minutes of struggling to push it through in a straight line, it eventually began to poke at the smudged black dot. After much movement and toil, it finally poked through. I looked at it. I was unsure about it. Nonetheless, I pushed the safety pin against my forehead and closed it.

Eek, I just pierced myself. Again. With a safety pin. It's like my arm except... more visible. YAY!

Though I wasn't sure I liked the way it looked or it's placement, I was not far from euphoria. I had pierced myself. What an accomplishment. As if I had done something great. I loved it. A new piercing, a new decoration, a new way to feel more comfortable in the skin I'm in.

Over the course of the next few days, I had little trouble hiding it. Wearing hats tilted down just enough to shadow it, wearing bandanas "Tupac style", looking away when my step dad spoke to me, and basically hiding away in my room. There were a couple extremely close calls, but he never figured it out. Or if he did, he didn't give a shit. I wasn't really sure of his whole view of body modification.

Finally, it came to Tuesday. I was excited. Being able to show off my new baby, my new joy, my new love. Of course I wouldn't play with it, I wouldn't let others touch it, and I'd avoid people so that it wouldn't get into any accidents. I did well at that. But the reactions I got were insane. Very unexpected.

"Why do you have a bobby pin stuck in your eye?" questioned one ignorant boy.

And so the day went as such, filled with many "Holy shit!"s and "OUCH! That has got to hurt"s. Even my pierced friends seemed surprised. How this was any different than me piercing my arm with a safety pin last year, I don't know. But overall, the day went well. I couldn't stop glancing in the mirror, admiring my new piercing. And my school didn't do anything about it. It was AWESOME.

Until it came to Tuesday night. My mom came home from Orlando. She had specifically said no to piercings. She's completely anti-body-modification. She freaked. She yelled. We argued. We both cried.

"TAKE IT OUT!" "NO! I won't!" "Yes, you will. This is my house, you will abide by my rules." "Then I'm leaving..." "No you're not."

And yes, I took it out. I gave up. So screw me. I know, I shouldn't have, but it was the easy way out. I'll pierce myself later. I literally cried for like an hour after I took it out. And now my face is plain again. And my heart has another hole poked into it. Oh how I love my piercings, even if they only last three or four days. So a sad goodbye to my eyebrow piercing, left with no eulogy...

C'est la vie.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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