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My bridge....it felt great!

As I work in a rather strict work place concerning the workers uniform and visible piercing's I was a little worried about how a bridge piercing would be handled at work but I had been thinking about getting one for sometime and finally decided that it just had to be done for my own piece of mind so I called up one of my friends that had never witnessed a piecing been done and told her I would be going to do it that weekend.

My flatmate and myself had already thoroughly discussed that my nose was just too small and rounded to be suitable for a standard nose piercing and that didn't upset me anyway as I'm not really fussed on the idea of having just a nose piercing I'd rather it be more interesting. So I did a search on BME, liked what I saw, noted how important the placing is on a bridge and that they don't always heal very well but overall felt I was ready to get it done.

Finally Saturday rolled around and Greta (my friend of choice to witness the piercing) and I arrived at Trendz. I highly recommend this store I have had several piecing done there before and only one of them has had to come out and that was through no fault of the piercer. Renee was the piercer on for the day and I had not been pieced by her before but had heard and seen many good thing by her so I trusted her. I chatted to her a bit and told her I was wanted my bridge done, she looked excited about it explaining it was a very popular piercing and handed over the form for me to fill out which I know off heart by now.

She lead Greta and I into the room which has a cool old dentists chair covered in red leather in it which they use and the walls are brightly painted with big paper flowers all over them and it all looked thoroughly sterile which is always the first thing to look for when your getting a piercing done.

I jumped up into the chair and laid back, Renee washed her hands and snapped some gloves on and cleaned the area above my nose which was going to pierced and stared at my face for some time before adding any dots to it, the staring was a little uncomfortable but we were talking about piercing anyway so it was accompanied by uncomfortable silence as well. After about 10 minutes she showed my the dots and they looked good but not perfect so she went out into the store and got one of the other girls to come in and have a look and she wiped off one of them added it a little higher and they were perfect. Finally. I guess most people would be freaking out after 15 minutes in a piercing chair and only having dots on there face, Greta was certainly looking nervous, but I just took comfort in it knowing that Renee wanted it to look good and heal straight.

So Renee changed her gloves selected the bar and unwrapped the needle and the clamps she was going to use and swung the chair and lowered it so I was lying right back and my head was facing the bench, she pinched the skin and put the clamps on moving them around a bit until they were in the right place and I'd be lying if I said that the clamps weren't uncomfortable but its was certainly bearable. Renee then said to take a deep breath in and in went the needle and it felt wicked I liked the feel of it because she was going slow with it so I could tell exactly were it was in the skin and while it was going in I let my breath out slowly which somehow enhanced the feel of the needle going through then I felt a little pressure and it was trough the other side and I didn't hurt one bit I rather liked the feeling so then the clamps came off and the bar went through and the balls on and she got rid of the little bit of blood as one side was bleeding and I was aloud to get up and check it out. I loved it straight away and still do.

So up to the counter is was to get some tea tree oil and listen to the instructions on aftercare and to pay and while I was signing the book as I felt a bridge piercing was worthy of going in there 3 guys about my age practically yelled across the counter "hey! What did you just ge..... Oh god did you just get that done?" with frantic pointing in there forehead area "bloody hell that a bit extreme is it? I'm not sure if I'm keen on that but it looks cool" So me grinning like an idiot just stood there and said cheers I like it and then they had the usual did it hurt? F*** it must have hurt! And the usual answer form me as I don't find that piercing's hurt is no it didn't hurt.

So Greta and I left the store followed by disbelieving looks for some random guys and smiles and waves from the great staff. Greta informed me out side that I'm very brave and we had to stop so she could take a picture with her phone to send to one of our mates because he didn't believe I would go through with it.


I did have to take the balls off it about a week after having it done and I don't recommend doing so as it can make it irritated but I had to for work I did wear a skin coloured plaster over it a couple of times though but nothings gone wrong with it. You do have to be careful washing your face and taking shirts off but apart from that it's fine just cleaning it with tea tree oil and salt water.

This was one piercing I had mentioned to my mother and she freaked and told me if I got it done my face would be scarred forever and it would look horrible so I didn't tell her and when she saw it she actually liked it and so did the rest of my family which I was happy about because usually I piercing are a huge source of amusement to my family because they don't really understand why people get them and the comments I get from random people are great most like it and heaps of them come up and ask me about it which I prefer to them just pointing, staring and announcing loudly that they have never seen a piercing like it before as that causes the whole damn street, room, school to turn and stare which is a bit uncomfortable.

I love it and recommend getting it done just make sure the placing's right and that you have the right face for it otherwise you might be disappointed with it and end up taking it out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Renee
Studio: Trendz
Location: Hamilton%2C+New+Zealand

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