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Double Brow, the more the merrier!

Well I wanted my right eyebrow pierced twice for a while. I don't remember what made decide to get it, the only thing I do remember is think "I want that so bad!". I live with my dad (parents are divorced) and of course he immediately said no. (he has a huge problem with facial piercings) We fought about it a lot and he never ever agreed to it, so I said I'd get Brenda (my mom, I call her brenda because she did some stuff to make me literally hate her so I didn't think she deserved to be called mom, long story)

My dad called ahead to ask tell her to say no. She agreed with him. However, when I finally asked her she said that she would consider it. I have an edge on her. Since she knows I hate her and I told her how happy the piercings would make me, she probably thought I would like her more.

So I waited patiently for the next day and called her to ask her what she thought. She said no. I think maybe for a week she was going off and on. "Maybe", "No", "I'll think about it", etc. Finally when I was about to give up she was like "oh god I can't believe I'm saying this, oh my god... ok"

I had to promise not to ask her for more though. She kept saying that "I did it because its important to you, etc" but she's a compulsive liar so I knew it was only because she thought I would like her more and if she said no that I would hate her more. She's wrong about the first one.

So she called a studio we had previously been to (she got her navel pierced and I watched, I was only there because it was visitation time, it looks weird because she's 43 and looks kind old) Unfortunately for me she said they only pierced minors 15 and up. Since I'm fourteen I obviously couldn't get it done there. Brenda said she was relieved because that would mean she was off the hook but oh no, no one was going to stop me from getting my piercings. I asked her to call some more places but she said no. I had to do everything myself. She knows I'm shy and she was trying to do anything to back out.

Reluctantly, I called about 3 places but they would not pierce a 14 year old.

Luckily I found a place called 454 tattoo to get it done. They said if I bring a school ID and a parent then they would be happy to pierce me. I was so excited! Brenda was a bit disappointed I think. I don't think she thought I would find a place.

So I got ready, ate some toast, she picked me up, and we headed over to the studio. It looked tiny and kind of shabby on the outside but it was so clean inside. The guys were really nice to me. They looked like they were in their early twenties. There were two of them and they had had their eye brows pierced all the way across but, they weren't wearing any jewelry. I couldn't believe it! My parents were so worried about scars and I couldn't even tell that they had any! The only reason I knew their brows were pierced was because they told me.

So anyway they showed me my two silver little 16 gauge barbells (hoop hater) and then I laid in the chair and one of the guys marked my brow twice. It took a little while because I kept shaking (I wasn't all that nervous, I just always shake when I'm told be still, its so annoying). Finally he marked it and I agreed with his placement.

The fun was about to begin. He told me to lay down and turn slightly to my left. I never saw the needle and surprisingly I still wasn't very nervous and I always pass out from getting shots or any other needle in me. He clamped my brow and I hardly felt the clamp. I wouldn't even call it annoying. After that he told me to take a deep breath and the exhale as he does the piercing. I felt a really hard pinch and a sharp poke and he slide in the bar but of course he had deal with that teeny tiny ball he had to screw in. One down!

I asked to look in the mirror and Brenda was mouthing "oh my god" again. I wasn't done yet either! I couldn't stop myself from saying, for a bit of humor, "Hmm what's her problem?" The piercer answered my rhetorical question saying, "She's your mom and she doesn't want to see you get hurt. What a sweet guy, I'm glad I remembered to remind her to tip him because she didn't even know that it was polite for people to tip piercers.

So then he clamped me again and pierced my brow... again. The pinch for some reason, lasted longer(I think maybe the piercer was screwing the bar) I let out a little "ow" and the other guy who was watching said "You weren't expecting it to be painless did you?" I said no but I think maybe I actually did.

There are so many stories out there that say "Its painless" "I didn't even feel it" but even if it only hurts a little bit don't ever let someone tell you it was totally painless because unless the area is very numbed (and if I'm not mistaken, that hurts too), there are no painless piercings.

My brows were really tolerable, the pain was so quick it only lasted a second so I'd rate it as a five. I think ears hurt way more. Lobes and all. I love my beautiful barbells. I got pierced two days ago (8/28/05) and they aren't even sore. They weren't even sore yesterday either. I feel lucky. I have been soaking them in sea salt water and washing them with dial soap 2 times a day. The only time they hurt is if I raise my brows or touch them when cleaning and it just feels like touching a little bruise on your leg. I heal very fast so I think it'll go smoothly.

If you want one or two like me, go for it!! You won't be sorry. It enhances your face's features and its easy to take care of but just remember, again, there are no painless piercings. Repeat after me. None. There are some that don't hurt very much. These ones couldn't even make a baby cry. And if you live in Southern CA I would definitely recommend 454 Tattoo. They did a great job on me and their prices are reasonable. Mine were $30 each. Email me if you want directions and happy piercing!


submitted by: Alyse
on: 01 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+remember+his+name
Studio: 454+Tattoo
Location: Southern%2C+CA

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