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My Piercing Didn't Last

Last July, when I was 13, I decided I wanted to get my belly button pierced, as well as my eyebrow. My mom however did not like the idea of me getting my eyebrow pierced. She hated it and thought it was ugly. I told her I wasn't going to get a ring, but a barbell and that helped make her give in. One day, my sister got into a car accident and wrecked her car. Perfect time to get your mom to blankly say yes . . . right? Well it was. I asked her, and she finally gave in. It still took a little begging and the "It's my face, and I have to live with it" deal.

Because I was only 13 at the time, neither of us knew what place would do it. I asked a lot of people that worked in the piercing booths in the mall, and finally I got a good answer. One person requested I go to Skin Funk. One of my friends had gotten her belly button pierced there, and my cousin got his tattoo there. Before we went, I called to make sure they would pierce me. They said they would as long as I had a parent there to give consent. My mom needed to do one more thing before she was ready to bring me-she needed to make sure it wasn't just a hole in the ground, and that it was going to be a safe and clean place to get a piercing.

One day she came home from work and told me we were going that day. I'm somewhat glad I didn't have time to think about it and convince myself to back out. When we got there, I was relieved. The place was very clean and nice, and at the door we were greeted by two large dogs. I'm not sure what type they were, but they were very gentle and friendly. I went to the counter and told the girl what I was there for. She gave my mom some papers that she and I both had to sign, then I got to pick out my jewelry. After I had everything picked out, she sent me to the back to wait.

As I sat in the chair, I got quite nervous and anxious. When the guy came in(sorry I don't remember his name) he was very friendly and reassuring that it wasn't going to hurt. So being more relaxed and relieved, I laid down on the chair and he pierced my belly button with no problem. Right afterwards, I sat up and he pierced my eyebrow, also with no problem. Everything went smoothly. He told me how to clean it and everything, and then we were off. Afterwards, my mom confessed that she thought it looked neat and she liked it.

I cleaned it more then once a day for at least a month or two. Everything was going fine, until one day I realized it looked like the barbell in my eyebrow was through less skin then it originally had been. I left it alone and figured maybe it was normal. Well every now and then I would look at it and notice that there was even less skin pierced. One day I came to realize that my face/skin was not tolerating the piercing, and it was pushing the barbell out of my skin. I didn't feel it happening, and I probably wouldn't have known had I not been paying attention. Finally one day in October of the same year my mom told me it was time to take it out. It was barely still in the skin, and if I left it in much longer, chances were it would have ripped out. Luckily I made the right choice. I took it out before it had come out by itself, and because of that I barely have a scar.

I've been thinking about getting it redone, but I'm afraid its just going to be a waste of money. Chances are its just going to pull out again over time. I have heard that getting pierced behind the scar tissue holds it in, but I don't have much of a scar. I also heard that it's more painful the second time.

My point is, if a piercing fails, it may not be the artist's fault. Sometimes your body won't tolerate things that others will. So anyone who plans on getting your eyebrow pierced, I'm not telling you this is definitely going to happen. Good luck and hopefully you won't have the same problem I had. As for my belly button, that gave me no problems at all. I have had many piercings in my life, and none of them have given me problems except for my eyebrow. I've heard that over time, eyebrow piercings eventually will grow out. Mine just did it a lot sooner then usual I guess.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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