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My eyebrow piercing (first piercing)

My name is Vasco, I'm fourteen and I live in Portugal in a cool town near the beach called Cascais. I've always liked piercings, but my interest for them was only revealed about one year ago. Before that, I lived with my mom, my sister and my grandparents and they weren't very fond of piercings, though they didn't disapprove them. Last Summer me and my mom moved into a new house and now we live there, just the two of us.

About two months ago I got the wish to get a piercing. I started searching on the internet about several piercings, and about the aftercare and I even read a lot of stories here at BME as I still do. I was thinking of getting either my eyebrow or my ear pierced. I decided for eyebrow as I prefer it and some of my friends said it would look better than my ear.

I spent some time getting the courage to ask my mom to get it done. When I did, I found out it wasn't even necessary since she just asked the part of my body I wanted to pierce and then said yes right away. A few days have passed without me bringing up the subject because I was saving money for it and choosing a good studio.

I went to a studio that had already closed some time ago and then went to another one with my friend Joana and asked for some information. It was a very clean studio where everything was sterilized. I decided to get my piercing there.

One day, I was about to go out with my mom and I put the money on my pocket (it cost about 30 dollars) because I was already thinking about asking my mom to get it done when we were in town. We got the bus and then walked for a bit and we went near the studio. I told my mom we were near the studio and said it would be great if I got it done right away since I had brought money and she was with me. She said it was ok but asked me to call my dad and tell him I was going to do it. When I told him about the piercing he got really upset as I imagined he would be, but he didn't tell me not to do it. My dad's opinion wasn't really that important at the time because I don't live with him and the one who had to sign the form was my mom.

We went to the studio after I called my dad and my mom asked a lot of questions to the lady behind the counter. After everything was clear to her the lady set up an appointment for about half an hour later. I waited there for a while and filled the form. My mom was really nervous because it was my first piercing and she was shaking a lot. I was a bit nervous too, but I was more excited about getting my piercing.

After the piercer Roberto cleaned the back room and got everything he was going to need I walked in. He asked me to lay down on a long chair and so I did. He asked where I wanted my piercing done and then he spent a couple of minutes marking my eyebrow with purple ink. He marked my eyebrow in the standard place. When he was done he put the clamps on and it didn't really hurt. It only felt slightly discomfortable. Then he numbed my eyebrow with some spray and that was a little discomfortable because I couldn't feel my eyelid. He got the needle through and it was really easy to support. It wasn't any painful and I only felt a little 'pop' when the needle went through the other side of my eyebrow. He then put the surgical steel barbell through and the piercing was ready.

I was feeling kind of dizzy when I got out of the chair but then I saw my piercing in the mirror and I couldn't believe I had finally done it. I got out of the back room and my mom really liked my new piercing. All of a sudden she wasn't any nervous anymore.

We bought the soap, saline solution and tincture of iodine for the aftercare.

The next week I used the tincture of iodine in the morning and then all night, washed the piercing twice a day with the soap and used the saline solution five times a day. The first days it went really well but three days later it almost got infected but then I cleaned it even better and everything was ok. Now the period for the aftercare is over but I still use the saline solution once a day and put tincture of iodine on it before going to sleep. I'm still wishing my body doesn't reject it but it's not showing any signs of that.

I love my eyebrow piercing. I don't regret having done it not even a bit. I've received a lot of compliments about it but also some insults from older people... My dad ended up accepting my piercing and now he doesn't even seem to remember I have it.

If you wanna get your eyebrow pierced just go for it, the piercing itself will only take a few minutes and you will love your new piercing! Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Roberto
Studio: Roberto+Carneiro+Tattoos
Location: Portugal%2C+Cascais

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