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Lucky number, 16!

I've always been obsessed with body modification, mainly piercings. I always get nervous before getting pierced, but the adrenaline rush you get from the needle going through your flesh is like nothing else.

I just started school at Brooks Institute of Photography where I get new projects every week. The last project we got was a photo story. You basically have to take photos and play a song that some what relate to each other. The first thing I thought about was taking photographs of tattoos and piercings. So that afternoon I began searching the phone book for local tattoo/ piercing parlors.

Right before I started my Thursday class I found a parlor just down the street from the school named Energy Tattoo. I went on their website and checked some stuff out about the artist and read about them being in magazines and how they were award winning artist. Once I got out of my class I drove over to Energy Tattoo and asked about taking pictures. Billy said it would be cool, but I couldn't come back till Wednesday, a day they wouldn't be too busy. I agreed but I was bummed, my project was due Tuesday, the day before I would come in to take photos. Once I got home I decided I would go a head and take the pics and I could just have them for fun.

I started to think about piercings and how I hadn't gotten one in a few months. I got on my favorite piercing site, BME, and started to read some stories and look at some photos. I knew I wanted something, but just couldn't figure out what. I knew my mom wouldn't care what I got, as long as it wasn't on my face. But they eyebrow piercing kept calling out my name.

I called my mom later that night, Friday, and talked to her about it. She kept asking me not to do it. Then finally she agreed. I kept telling her the artist was very nice, the tattoo place was spotless, and they were award-winning artist. With that sort of information it seemed to make her feel better.

Of course I'm on a college budget and figured I would have to wait till Wednesday to get the piercing, although I really didn't want to wait. I kept thinking I'm going to go get it; I'm going to go get it tonight. I finally decided that I would be getting my paycheck on Monday, and that I had enough money to get the piercing. I talked to my friend Rachel and she said let's go. So I rang up Energy Tattoo and set up an appointment for 6 PM.

I began my little piercing/ tattoo ritual. I washed my face, ate a little something, pulled my hair back, and most importantly put on my Goonies shirt. I picked up Rachel and we drove down town.

We got there early, but Nic was more than happy to take me in. She started to explain what was going to happen then she began to mark two areas on my eyebrow. I looked at the dots in the mirror and decided that the outer set of dots would be best. She double checked the measurements and then started to explain more about what was going to happen. She said that she was going to clean the area, which I knew that much. She then said she was going to lay be back so that she could do the piercing. To me that sounded a little odd, but it made since in the end. She put on the clamp and that's when the nerves began to kick in. I grabbed my pants and waited. She told me to breath in through my nose, then breath out through my mouth. As I let the air out, the needle went in. I felt a little pinch, but no pain. Then the burning kicked in, which was due to the curved barbell. She set me up to make sure I was ok, and I was. She swung me around to look at my new piercing. I LOVED it! I couldn't believe how great it looked on me.

After I checked out my new hole Nic began to explain the cleaning and healing process. Once she was done she handed me my sea salt and instructions on how to clean my piercing and how to make the solution. I paid for my piercing and told everyone I would see them Wednesday.

So now I have lucky number 16! I love my new piercing and I'm glad I got it. I think it looks hot and it adds to my obsession of piercings and tattoos. My advice to anyone out there who wants an eyebrow piercing, GO FOR IT!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nic
Studio: Energy+Tattoo
Location: Santa+Barbara%2C+California

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