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My eyebrow

I got my first piercing besides my ears Jan. 3 2005 it was an eyebrow piercing. I'd been asking my mom for a long time to get it done. About every month I'd come up with another way to try to get my mom to take me. Every time I asked she said no. But when my oldest brother got his tongue done my mom had no choice but to say yes.

So a month after I turned 15 I went straight to a Sterling Dragon. I wanted a tattoo, but I was under age. I was pissed but I got over it. So I then was thinking bout a piercing that I wanted done it was my tongue. Nope I was told by my mom. So the next thing I wanted was my eyebrow. Finally she said yes, but the worker there said he couldn't . I was pretty upset I've been waiting along time then I get told no. But he explained to me why he couldn't because if something went wrong they didn't want to get blamed for it. I could understand that. He said the owner would do it. Then again I would have to wait a couple of days because he was at his new shop in another city.

I left and went around looking for other places. All over my city of midland and cities around us. Then I found it Heritage Tattoos. So I went in and they looked pretty good and they were really clean. Which was most important for my mom. My mom and my friend and I looked around a little more. I watched some guy getting part of a tattoo. After about 15 or 20 minutes of the workers talking to us my mom said okay. Yay. I was so happy my first piercing. Then I got a little scared. I thought what if i get to scared and back out. maybe I'll move because it hurts it might mess him up and he might poke my eye out.

While I was sitting in the chair and he was cleaning my eyebrow I was talking to him about him poking my eye out he insisted he wouldn't. He then told me he never messed up on anyone what a great relief . He then told me what he was going to do. First hes going to put the clamps on. He said he was gonna have the other tattooist hold the clamps for him, and then he would take everything out of the package so I would know that its new and clean, finally he would just do it. I then had to pee real bad so I told the tattooist and he said okay. So I got back and he called the other tattooist in to hold the clamps. He was really nice and even joked around a little. That made me feel real happy and safe. Even at one point I was asking if it would hurt and he said it wouldn't hurt him which made me laugh. Then he said it would probably be a lot less pain then my ears. Yeah right I said I didn't feel a thing when I got those done! The clamps didn't really hurt and everyone says the clamps hurt the most but it didn't. I really didn't feel anything. At that point he got the needle out. Close your eyes was the next thing he said then take a deep breath. Then POP he did it ouch... wait what am I saying ouch for that felt cool. Were the exact words out of my mouth. I opened my eyes and I saw the needle coming out. Wow he was right it didn't hurt at all he most of known though because he had lots of piercings and tattoos. He talked to me about the piercing and how to take care of it and when I can change it. I think he said 3 months.Yeah yeah I said and went on my merry little way. I was so happy with it. I showed everyone at school. Even the hottest guy. I've had a crush on him for a long time. He thought it was cool because he didn't think I would do it. Oh did I prove him wrong.

I washed it everyday twice a day like he told me to. He told me to use dial soap on it because if there is infection it would get it out. The only thing I didn't listen to him on was waiting 3 months or whatever it is to change it. I changed it the 3rd week. It was fine though. I wasn't going to wear a hoop in it. That is what they put in it and it was kind of ugly.

Its been 9 long months. And I absolutely love it. I always buy bars every month for it so I can match with my clothes. I just wish they had a bigger selection of eyebrow rings /bars in midland. It healed perfectly and doing real good. I'm playing on getting my nose done along with a tattoo this year for my birthday. I love piercings and tattoos. So if your thinking about getting any piercings or tattoos done you should do it. I'd do my eyebrow again after i get my other ones done first. It really doesn't hurt at all I didn't even really feel anything besides a weird feeling.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+dont+know.
Studio: Heritage+Tattoos
Location: Midland

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