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My favorite piercing

I've already had my belly button pierced since I had turned 18. Went like the day after. I know it's kind've poser, but the belly button was the only one I could hide from the parents. Even though I ALWAYS wanted my eyebrow.

So finally here I am 20.. Have got my own place. My friend mentions it to me and I'm like fuck it let's go for it. I wasn't nervous about the whole pain issue with it because I have a real high tolerance. Plus about 6 months prior I gave birth, if I could do that.. I don't think getting my eyebrow pierced would be a problem.

So went in and she decided to go first. Brian (the piercer) wouldn't let me watch her go because he thought if I saw her get it done then I wouldn't want to get mine. Shit there was nothing that could make me chicken out. He acted like I didn't know I was about to have a steel spike jammed through my eyebrow :). She went first and she walked out and told me it hurt a little but not crazy.

So I went in and sat on the table. At this point I still hadn't decided which one to get done. I just COULD NOT decide. So Brian took a look at me and he said since I have my cartilage pierced in my left ear that we should do the right eyebrow to balance it out. So I sat there while he marked it and showed me in the mirror where it would be. Once I approved of the location it was time. I sat there trying to relax and he kept telling me to keep my eyes closed. I think he had to tell me like three times. It's hard to keep your eye closed when u know something sharp is going to come at you any second! So bang.. I felt something like a small tug. Then he told me not to move and I felt him slide the jewelry in.

DONE! That was painless. I mean obviously I felt it. But it wasn't anything! If you're worried about the pain. Don't! Then it took about 2 months rougly until I got the courage to take it out to wax my eyebrows. I took it out and then waxed.. immediately after I tried to put it in and it wouldn't go! I then noticed some wax within the hole once I cleared that out it was no problem. But the freaking ball on the end! SHIT! What a pain in the ass!

Then I took it out again for my baby's baptism and didn't try to put it back in for a couple of days. This was about 3 months after I had gotten it originally pierced. I tried to put it back in to no avale! So I called my best friend and she came with her husband. The two of them were trying to help me. So finally I told her to just jam it in there. I beared down I think to the bathroom sink and she forced it in. As it went in a white string came out of it. I would say it was puss but it was solid. So I have NO idea what that white string was! She was like EW! It was actually pretty funny. Then a lot of blood everywhere. All down my face. Ok I'm overexaggerating a little but there was blood. Then it was puffy and swollen for about 3 days afterward. I went back to the care instructions and washed it with Dial soap in the shower every day. Plus I didn't put on hairspray or any eye make up. This whole time my fear was that it would reject. Which would suck. Thankfully it didn't. Now I wear it proudly!

Of course when my parents did see me they still threw a fit, but nothing that they can do about it. I'm not under their roof anymore. They try and give me crap saying I can't go to their house with it in, but I do anyways! I'm not taking it out again for a long time after the scares I had. We basically had to repierce it in my bathroom! Not going through that again cause they don't like it!

All in all the experiance was good. The piercing not painful. And the healing not a problem and not too long. I recommend getting it done. It's my favorite one yet. I plan for my next one to be an industrial or a hood. Not sure which one I want to get done. I heard with the industrial you get little bump things in the piercing spot that could stay there forever like cauliflower ear (that thing wrestler's get. ew!) So i'll probably go for the hood, but you can't have sex for like 6 weeks. I dunno if I can go that long!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Brian
Studio: Exotix
Location: New+Jersey

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