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I was poked!

For years now, I have always been attracted to body modification and tattoos, but never thought I would be the kind of person to get anything like that done. Since I've discovered my true self, I realized they ARE me and an important part of my life. Needless to say, I only had my ear lobes stretched to 4G, but I am fantasized by this community and what it has to offer.

I started itching for a different piercing about a few months ago, but could not decide what kind to get. I didn't want one that looked inappropriate for a 16 year old, yet I wanted to go extreme and express who I really was. I then decided for a lip piercing, (bottom right) and asked my mom about it. Of course she never expected to hear that question come out of my mouth, but she said, "I'll think about it..." She finally gave in and answered yes since I was an honor roll student and am very mature for my age. I was ecstatic and started researching for places nearby to get it done. Sadly I was always busy, so I could not get it done for a month or so after I originally wanted to.

After thinking about getting the lip done, I decided not to get it because it was too much for someone with only their ears stretched haha. Maybe that'll be my next one ;) An eyebrow piercing immediately popped in the head. It would be easy to hide, it's not too extreme (yet still kick ass), and it was more so my kind of look. I start researching "eyebrow piercing" on the internet like a mad woman and then came across BME. The stories and pictures really comforted me and prepared me for was what to come in the near future.

After visiting several shops with my friends, we decided that they were very unprofessional and looked like a dump, so our search for a place went on for a few more weeks. Finally my mom found a shop right near her job. After work, she went in to check how clean it was and how much it would cost. She called me up from her cell and told me that it was clean as hell, and it would only be $50 which was AWESOME! The piercer was always there and the atmosphere seemed very calm and relaxing. I was so excited that I couldn't even reply back to her. She knew my answer would be yes anyway, so she made an appointment for that coming Friday (which was only last night haha).

Well, Friday finally came. I had work after school, so I had to wait to get it done until later that night. My shift finally ended and I was out of there in a flash, took a shower, got changed, then hopped in the drivers seat (permits are awesome). At a point when I was driving, I was so excited that I started speeding and had to pull over to calm myself down. Needless to say, my mom drove the rest of the way to East Coast Tattoos.

I surprisingly was not shaking or nervous at all when we walked in the shop. We were greeted by one of the tattoo artists which saw the happiness in my face and the fear in my mothers'. He started cracking jokes at her like, "So, what do you want done? Your septum?" She looked at me and was like, "What the hell is a 'septum'?" The artist and I started laughing at her and I explained what it was. The look on her face was priceless! Finally we were introduced to Jay whom was the guy that was going to poke me. He gave us paperwork to fill out and some aftercare instructions. Jay tested me on how much I knew about the piercing and how to help it heal fast and effectively- He was astonished with how much I really knew and gave me a pat on the back haha. Then it was time to pick out the jewelry I wanted. I decided to use a 16G curved barbell with clear/white balls- they were so pretty :-D Jay then cleaned up his piercing area and brought in brand new equipment (clamp, needle, gloves, etc.)

I was told to sit in the chair and he asked if I wanted it done in any particular area as he was putting his new gloves on. I let him decide where it would look and fit my face the best. We got it marked with a special pen on the first try! Next thing I knew, he put a rubber band around the clamp and told me that that was sometimes more painful than the piercing itself, so I was prepared for the worst. I closed my eyes and he put the clamp on without me knowing- I didn't feel any bad pain what so ever- I wouldn't even call it discomfort. It felt very good weird enough, it was basically like a pinch. Seconds after adjusting that, he slid the needle through with one swift prick which caught me by surprise. Lord it felt so GOOD. I never experienced that kind of quote on quote "pain" before and let out a huge smile and started giggling. The barbell was in a moment later and I opened my eyes. Jay was looking right at me and said, "That looks great on you" then he handed me a mirror to look at the new piece of art. 'Beautiful' was the first word out of my mouth with my first official body mod in over 15 years long years.

I thanked Jay and went to meet my mom in the waiting room. As soon as I walked in she looked at me and let out a smile. She liked it a lot! We talked to Jay and the other tattoo artist a little bit longer then went on our way home. I couldn't get over the fact that I had a piece of metal literally in my face haha.

It was love at first sight. If you are thinking about having your eyebrow done, just go to a pro and do it! If it is done correctly, I guarantee you will not regret it at all. Hope my story eased your anxiety and only wanted you to actually go through with this experience even more. Good luck!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: East+Coast+Tattoo+Co.
Location: Brooklawn%2C+NJ

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