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Brow at 14

I am a 14 year old male currently living in Monterrey, Mexico, and I am from Brazil. Well I decided to get my first body modification about 2 months ago and my idea was to get my tongue pierced. I was almost 100% sure that my parents would not let me get it but I decided to go ahead and ask my mom. My mom said that it was my body and that I could what I wanted with it except tats and large gauges.

I told her that I wanted my tongue done but she told me that the eyebrow looked better for here, I thought about it for like 2 hours and agreed. I did not have much trouble finding a studio cause my mom got a butterfly tatoo on her back, so she already knew the owner of the studio (excellent studio).

I had to wait about 2 weeks to go do it because I had called the studio and told them to order a 16g retainer for the eyebrow. I would call every day to the studio to ask if the jewelry had already got there, but they said to call them the next day cause the guy that sold him the jewelry was out and he could not contact him. finally they got the jewelry and called my house on a monday saying that they were ready and that I could go in about 2 hours.

On my way I was not that much nervous I was more anxious, but all of that changed when I got to the studio, I felt a bit intimidated by the people because of all the piercings they had but after talking to them they were really nice people

I had some things in mind like hiding it from school (I am in 8th grade) and how I would cover it from the hits of american football (I play in a junior team). Well none of those things could have stopped me from doing it I was already to much in to it.

Well my turn came up and I followed the piercer into the back room. I felt very comfortable with him, he told me story of his past piercings and how I could take care of the piercing. He told me to sit down in a kind of dentist chair. He had my jewelry in a green water that I had no idea what it is called, just knew it was to clean my jewelry.

He cleaned my LEFT eyebrow like 2 times, then he told me that he would clip my eyebrow with the clamps witch was nothing at all painful just a little uncomfortable. Then he told me to breath in and when I exhaled he would pierce me, and so he did. It did not hurt much, was just like a little sting.

I went home very pleased with my piercing and I missed practice that day so I could have a bit longer to heal before I went to my practices. In school everything was fine because my teacher could not see the jewelry but when I went to my practice that afternoon I tackled the running back and my jewelry jumped off and never saw it again.

I was very pissed and when I got home I tried to fit in every jewelry I found witch was a very bad idea cause it bled a lot. Well there I go to the studio the next day to get it pierced again but this time with a 14g titanium with spiked at each end. This time it hurt a lot more but I still think it was worth it.

To go to school the next day I covered it with a bandage and told my teachers that I got hit with a small rock, they fell for it for the first two days until a teacher saw one of the spikes out of the bandage. She told me to take it off imediatly, I convinced her to let me keep it till the end of the day so i could go home and hide it another way.

When I got home I looked for many different solutions but none of them were comfortable, until I decided only to use the stud and take the two spikes off. It was a great idea. 1 month and a half later I still do it, no one can see it and I have had no problem at all at my games/practices and it has healed great with no rejection nor infection.

I plan on going further into body modification, and am getting my lip pierced in 4 days.

If you want one get it, but get it for yourself.

If you want to contact me add me its [email protected] (I can speak english fluidly as you can see so there is no problem with that)

Happy Piercing!


submitted by: dudaxx
on: 06 June 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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