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Saint Sabrina

This happened on June 23, 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a good summer. Well, no, actually it wasn't. My piercing experience was one of the most positive memories for me from that period in recent history. But this isn't a space to bitch about how miserable I was.

I'd been contemplating getting an eyebrow piercing for...a good while. At least a week. I was hesitant because the only other piercing I'd ever gotten was my ear when I was about seven, and that wasn't a great thing. (It was done at a mall boutique with a piercing gun, so you can imagine.) I don't remember exactly why I decided to bite the bullet and get it done. I suspect it was because my roommate was feeling impulsive -- and probably a tad sadistic -- and offered to drive me there and pay for it on the spot. Yeah, that was probably it.

She drove me to Saint Sabrina on Hennepin Avenue, which I'd checked out before in my idle curiosity about piercings and tattoos. The people there were nice, and they had a jar of free cherry lollipops, which was the real clencher.

They took me right away, as a walk-in, and were great about helping me pick out jewelry for my eyebrow. I chose a simple stainless steel captive bead ring, with a shiny blue-green bead instead of a plain steel one. I knew it would take longer to heal than a curved barbell, but I really wanted the ring. I chose to get my right eyebrow done because that's my "crooking" eyebrow. I wanted a piercing there as a symbol of my eternal amusement and skepticism at everything. It's not something I tell a lot of people.

The job ended up costing a little over $50, if you include the price of the jewelry. A bit expensive, but I didn't feel like being picky.

Once I had my ring chosen, they took me in back and made quick work of the piercing itself. The worst part was the moment right before the needle went through. The pain itself wasn't so bad. Don't get me wrong. It DID hurt, but it hurts worse to scrape your knee. I was proud that I didn't cry out or anything. I breathed in really quickly, but I took the pain like a champ. I like to think. My roommate was really surprised I didn't cry, but she can go screw herself.

I got a care packet about taking care of my new piercing, yadda, yadda. I was surprised that they accidentally pierced me with an 18 gauge instead of the standard 16 gauge. It somewhat limits the choice of rings I can wear, but so far, I haven't really had the urge to change from the ring I got pierced with.

My roommate and I drove back home, and I showed it off a bit, which was a lot of fun. It's not something people expected of me, I think. Part of the fun was getting people's reactions. Some were excited. Some were taken aback. Suckers.

The healing and soreness were worse than the piercing process itself, which isn't an uncommon complaint, I gather. For a while, I couldn't sleep on my right side, which was annoying, as I'm a bit of a restless sleeper. I didn't soak it in the recommended salt solution nearly as much as I should have, mainly because when I did, I kept getting it in my eye. It did heal eventually, though, after almost exactly three months. Right before it finally healed, I had a bit of a fiasco with the ring gunking up and causing bleeding inside the piercing, which I had to hide with an unfortunate-looking band-aid job. I cleaned it as best I could and kept myself from touching it for several days, and it cleared up on its own. I think the fact that I kept playing with it in the course of the healing process extended the healing period. So if you're considering getting this piercing -- or any piercing, really -- playing with it = BAD.

I now have a fully healed eyebrow piercing, which I've gotten used to being in the corner of my vision. In the back of my mind, I'm afraid of it getting caught on something, but I figure the odds of that are pretty low as long as I'm careful. I especially enjoy the way it looks with my short hair. Not everyone agrees with me, but it's not their eyebrow.

Now that I've gotten through this first "real" piercing intact, with a good experience, I look forward to more in the future and plan to take a few risks. My eyebrow piercing, I think, was my first baby step into body modification, which I find really interesting. If I can stand getting a needle poked through my eyebrow, I can certainly keep going.

And as to paying back my roommate, she was rewarded with groceries. A few too many groceries, in retrospect. But that's a totally different story that doesn't really have a place here. Use your imagination, I guess.


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on: 27 May 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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