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Nursing School Drop Out

My eyebrow piercing came as a certain celebration. It was a reward to myself so to speak. While I had managed to work around my previous 14 piercings in my first year nursing program, there was no way I could heal a new one or keep a facial piercing, regardless of how badly I was feeling that familiar itch to get poked. I was halfway through my second semester when I decided that I would finish off the program, but that I would choose to drop out and fail the clinical component and switch majors the following year. While I have a desire to help and heal, I knew that I wasn't passionate about nursing and it's rigidity, so I enrolled in Environmental Geography instead. Along with the exciting realizations that I would have 14 hours cut out of my school week and several fewer essays and exams as a result of my decision, I knew that I could now get facial piercings if I so desired. I desired.

I had been toying with the idea of an eyebrow piercing for quite some time, but it was never a possibility with the nursing program. Days after dropping out of clinical, I found myself bored one evening and feeling the urge to do something drastic. I joked that I wanted to go get another piercing and my room mate looked at me quite seriously and said "We'll go tomorrow and you'll get your eyebrow pierced". Just like that.

The next day, my room mate and I jumped on a bus and headed downtown to Golden Needle's, a local shop with a somewhat sketchy reputation. Despite rumours, it was definitely the lesser of evils a far as available piercing studio's in the area were concerned. Normally, I'm the sort to only go with the best when piercings are concerned, but I really, really wanted my eyebrow piercing. I had seen some of the studio's work on friends and had even accompanied one in the past, and I had not personally seen or heard of any problems. The studio was clean and the practice efficient and sterile. I had made the personal decision that I would go.

As casually as I had made the decision, I walked into the studio and asked the cost. The girl behind the desk (who was also the piercer), told me that it was $45 (I believe) and I asked if that was for a CBR. She said it was, and I asked if it would be possible to get pierced with a barbel. I would only get the piercing with a barbel, as I knew a CBR would be much too clunky for my face. When she said that they were out of barbel's, I started to feel discouraged...but when she mentioned she could autoclave me a light blue, titanium barbel for $60, I agreed enthusiastically. This was roughly the cost that I was expecting anyway.

We waited patiently for about twenty minutes, flipping through pictures of previous work, while my jewelry was sterilized and the piercing equipment was set up. At last my moment had come and I made my way into the back room. Though I've had work done at a few different studio's in the past, this was the first place where I had ever lied down for a piercing, which felt kind of weird.

My piercer marked the placement with marker and asked if I was okay with it. It's sort of hard to tell based on marker dots, but everything seemed to be fine, so I gave her the go ahead. She sort of squeezed my eyebrow for a moment and then told me to breathe in and let my breath out slowly (a process I was all too familiar with). I can't remember if she used clamps or not, though I imagine she did. While I kept waiting for my nerves to kick in, I surprised myself by remaining completely calm. I'm not sure why, but the idea of having a 14 gauge needle plunged through my eyebrow, just didn't seem to bother me. When I felt the quick, but sharp pain, I remembered why I had nothing to get worked up over. It was over before I knew it and easily one of the least painful piercings I had had to date.

When I first saw the shiny balls now resting on my brow, I was excited. A little skeptical as to whether or not it actually looked okay or not, but content and kind of relieved nonetheless. I was surprised that I was not experiencing any throbbing or burning or any pain at all really. I thanked and tipped my piercer, and just like that, I had my eyebrow pierced. I left the studio in a sort of state of disbelief. I had my eyebrow pierced! I loved it...but it just didn't seem real and the fact that there was hardly any pain at all reinforced my feelings of bewilderment.

By the end of my first evening with my new piercing, I had grown accustomed to seeing it on my face and had grown to like it. Within days, I didn't even notice it was there. My nursing instructors chuckled over how quickly I had rushed out to get a new mod in the celebration of my decision to leave nursing. When I saw people, many didn't even realize I had gotten it done. They would do a double take and ask if I had always had it...my mother included. Apparently it looks like it belongs there. I take this as a good thing. Even my grand-mother who had always expressed a detest for eyebrow piercings in the past, looks at it and frequently comments on how much she likes it.

My eyebrow was easily the most cooperative piercing I have gotten. Never did it hurt or get achey, even though I hit it numerous times and kept sleeping on it by accident. It was easy to clean and didn't bleed or get overly crusty. It never got red or swollen. Within weeks it was pretty much all healed up and happier than ever. It feels so good, that it's hard to imagine it hasn't always been there and I can't really picture myself without it. It has become a part of me and as is the case with any of my piercings, I feel more complete with it. To me it represents a life altering decision and point in my life and while I took a risk and made somewhat of a spur of the minute decision, I ended up with results that far surpassed my expectations. I hope the same can be said about my choice to make a career switch!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 May 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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