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my long awaited 2nd piercing.....

I had been wanting to pierce my eyebrow for the longest so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. I had been telling people for the longest that I was gonna do it so I decided I better do it instead of just talking about it. There was a weekend long party at some friends house about 2 weeks after my 20th birthday and I heard there was gonna be a piercer there so I figured then was the chance. On the second day the piercer and his apprentice showed up and I sat around for hours thinking about it, asking people if I should go through with it or not. I mostly got yes answers and figured that I needed to do it , but I couldn't help being afraid of the needle even though I have my ears and tongue pierced. I figured if my tongue didn't hurt that much then nothing would. So I told the piercer that I had finally worked up the courage and I better do it before I chickened out again.

They took me in the room that was being used for piercing and tattoos and had me sit down in a recliner. I didn't know much about piercing then but I should have read up on my stuff but I didn't know better. I figured the piercer would know what he was doing. The first thing that they asked me was to go to the mirror and mark where I wanted the piercing to be. That struck me as a little odd but like I said, I figured that the piercer knew better than I did. Then they put the sanitizing stuff on my eyebrow and clamped it. When they clamped it I knew there was no going back now. The clamping hurt a little but not as much as I thought it would. The piercer thought that it would be good practice if his trainee pierced me. I wish I would have objected but I didn't.The apprentice picked up the needle and started for my eyebrow and before I knew it, the needle was through my eyebrow. It just pinched a little and I barely felt it when the needle popped out of my skin. I figured that the worst was over but boy was I wrong. It first started to hurt when the apprentice started to push the CBR through my eyebrow and the needle fell out. The ring was only about half way in and she had a tough time finding the exit hole. While she was looking for it her and the piercer felt the need to practically lift me out of the chair by my eyebrow. When they finally got the ring in we confronted a new problem, the pierces couldn't get the ball in the ring. By now many people had come to see who was brave enough to have a hole punched in their body. The apprentice took off her gloves and attempted to get the ball on the ring. She couldn't get it because " her fingers were too big" so she called my friend who was watching to try and get it on there. When she couldn't get it on , another person was called to get it on. Luckily she could get it on. By then I was almost in tears because they were jerking newly pierced eyebrow ring all over the place while trying to get the ball on.

After they got the ball on I was so happy because I finally had my much looked forward to eyebrow ring. After that I didn't have much pain (at least none that I felt because being that I drowned myself in alcohol that night!). The first few days I was swollen and infected for a few days. One day I woke up and eye was swollen shut! I felt and looked like a mutant, but luckily it went away the next day. After 2 weeks I changed the ring out and put in a little straight barbell with blue jewels on the balls. It looked so cute! That is when my new piercing started to escape me. I started to notice that I could see more and more of the barbell each day. I had read about migration but I guess I was in denial. I just ignored it and figured it would get better as time went on. It soon got to where I could see the barbell through the skin and I knew my much loved eyebrow was doomed. I decided to just ride it out and enjoy it while I could.

Then came the fateful day when I lost it. I was putting on make up and all of a sudden I saw my barbell fall down in the sink. I thought one of the balls just fell off causing the barbell to fall out. I looked back in the mirror and saw a little red line on my eyebrow where my barbell used to be. It turned out that I had ripped it out. At least I didn't feel it, when ever people ask me about it they cringe when I tell them what happened. I try to convince them that it didn't hurt but no one believes me. Oh well their problem, huh? It has been about 2 months since that fateful day and my scar is healing nicely. I am planning on getting it repierced soon and also my lip so hopefully that one will stick. If not then I will have to get stuck again and again until it does because I have become addicted.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 May 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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