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My first "real" piercing

My first "real" piercing was my standard eyebrow. I say that is my first real one 'cause I got my ear cartiladge pierced about two years ago, and even 9-year old girls have that.

Anyway, I was curious about the world of body modification, and I was eager to get my body modified, not because I wanted to be cool or something, it just felt like it fitted me, I love piercings and tattoos, so why not give it a shot? After all, you can regret a piercing, so I started with a piercing.

My parents was a little against it first, bot not because of the risks of piercing. The problem was that I was going on a vacation the day after I got it done, and the thought that I should save the money for the trip, but they couldn't make me change my mind. I had read a LOT of articles about piercings, and I desperately wanted to get one myself, so I couldn't wait 'til after my vacation.

I'd saved money for a couple of weeks, and finally I had money enough to get it done. I was shaking all the way to the studio, my girlfriend tried to calm me down, but with no result.

We went in, and in just a second someone was there to help us. I said I wanted to get my left eyebrow pierced. "Okay, just follow me", she said and by this time my heart beated like a sledgehammer, I was terrified! She sat me down on a chair, and prepared the stuff. The studio was really good, and you could easily tell that these guys were professionals. She marked my brow, and told me to go look in the mirror, to see if that would be right. I took a close look, and it looked great! So I went back to the chair and she pinched my brow with a piercing plier, and asked if I was ready. I said yes, and in no time it was over, she picked out the 1.6 mm BCR and inserted it. What? It hurt for like one tenth of a second? Was that it? I giggled a bit over how terrified I was before.

Again, she asked if it turned out as I wanted it, so I went over to the mirror and was really surprised, it was unbelievable! I totally loved it! My own eyebrow piercing!

I thanked her a lot, and payed the well-worth 350 swedish kronor, about 40 american dollars. But then came the dizziness, it turned black, and I had to sit down on the curb outside of the studio for like ten minutes, before I could stand up and walk. But I never felt dizzy after that.

At first, I kept looking at it all the time, it looked like a little insect, so I smashed a couple of times before I learnt that it was just my eyebrow piercing, not a black nasty bug.

Then came the small problems. I couldn't comb my hair like I used to, 'cause I accidentally combed the piercing, and that hurts like hell.

I couldn't swim in the lake for some time either, because of hygien issues, and I really wanted it to heal correctly and not become infected.

But that didn't bother me at all, it all was worth it, because the eyebrow piercing was so precious to me.

The reason it's so precious is that I have big bushy eyebrows, and I wanted to make them a bit less ugly.

Suddenly my eyebrow piercing became a party trick, I realized I could hang things in it, like chains and pens and stuff, at one party I even hanged a clothes hanger with a t-shirt in it! That hurt a bit on the morning after, and I got terrified. What if it would migrate now? I've read that eyebrows are common migrating piercings, so I was very anxious some weeks after, but it never migrated, so I regained calmness again

After about half a year, something that looked kinda like a zit started to grow right beside the piercing. I was very scared, I didn't want anything to happen to my sweet beloved bodymod, so I logged on to the internet, and tried to find some articles about the downsides of piercing, but I didn't find anything that was about my problem. But then I remembered that the girl on the studio gave me some pointers on aftercare, and one of them was to boil a litre of water with some salt in, so I did. And the day after the zit-like thing was gone :).. Oh the relief.

Now it is completely healed, and looks great with my new blackline bananabell (a bent barbell).

Special thanks to Cecilia at Oslo Bodyart in Arvika! Also located in Strömstad and in Oslo


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 May 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Cecilia
Studio: Oslo+Bodyart
Location: Arvika%2C+Sweden

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