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The second time around...

My experience actually took place just yesterday.  This was my second time getting my eyebrow pierced (I had to remove the first one even though it was beautiful and perfect for other unrelated reasons...) so I called up my favourite studio, Soul Survivors, but they were booked solid.  Usually, I'm a very patient person, but when it comes to mods, when I want one, I WANT one.  (Bad, I know.)

Now, I've read tons of these handy little articles on BMEzine and figured that my chances were good if I tried out a different studio...it seems most people are happy with their mods even when they visit new places.

So, I called up a place where I've heard a little about.  They said they could squeeze me in (woo-hoo!) at 3 that afternoon, so I hopped on the next bus and headed down.

The place was initially quite clean, but after I met Ren (a very sweet girl and my first female piercer) and she led me into the back, I was even more impressed with the cleanliness.  They had a seperate sanitizing room (awesome.)  And the walls of the actual piercing room, instead of being littered with borderline-offensive porn-like material, were covered in what looked like posters of my grade twelve advanced bio textbook.  I studied the one of the face, in particular, noting that there were larger veins running right around where I'd be getting a needle shoved, yet I found the posters reassuring of the place's professionalism.

The first thing I did once I was in the chair was ask to see the ring and I was a little disappointed to see that it was quite larger than the one Jay (Soul Survivors) had pierced me with, but whatever, no big deal.  Then, Ren got to work, cleaning the area, marking and remarking to my satisfaction, then brought out the clamps (my least favourite part).  She clamped and re-clamped and re-clamped (someone once told me that she did that to "numb" the area.  Uh, there was no numbness, just unnecessary pain and annoyance.)  Then finally slid the needle through.

I'll quickly say this though - NEVER in my life have I been a bleeder.  I've probably had a total of 5 bleeding noses throughout childhood, and the most I've bled during mods was a couple drops from a tattoo.

But, in the time it took for her to spin around and grab paper towels, the bottom of my (very long) hair was saturated with blood, as well as a good amount of my shirt.  And it didn't just drip, it spurted.  I took a couple deep breaths, smiled and tilted my head to the side so it would stop getting in my eyes.  My initial reaction to this was anger (which intensified after she asked me if I had a history of bleeding - "No, I never bleed", did you drink last night - "No, I also don't drink", did you take any Advil or anything - "No. I don't take anything before piercings.")  Then I realized that this could happen to anybody...I guess.  Plus, she was really nice...so I ignored the urge to yell, "You SCREWED up my FACE!"

After about ten minutes of applying pressure, she turned around for a second and I looked in the mirror.  It was THE coolest thing I think I've ever seen...  A quarter of my face was completely covered in blood.  Just...red...everywhere.  Amazing.  I'm bitter that I don't have it on camera.  But the awe subsided when I saw that the ring was a little mis-shaped, and I knew there was still a bunch of work that had to be done to form it into a closed circle.

The process seemed to take forever...which wasn't her fault, I'm assuming.  It was the fact that she hit some random little vein and that that studio just happens to use crap for rings (I prefer the kind you slid in, pop shut, and finished.)

In total, it bled for about 15 to 20 minutes.   If it was my first time getting my eyebrow pierced, I wouldn't have minded so much, but because I was expecting a less complicated procedure, I was unimpressed.  And random bleeding (for NO reason) at a theatre that evening only made me more irritable.  At one point I was even considering taking it out, cause I have no idea how it's going to heal.  It's deeper, more messy and bloody than anything else I've gotten.

It's too soon to tell just how bad (or normal) this piercing actually is.  I'm bringing myself into Soul Survivors to get them to check out the work.  Hopefully, it can stay.  I've spent too much money on this kinda stuff lately.  But no matter how nice and friendly Ren was, the experience was far from a good time - and do I normally find the pain and the needles quite satisfying - if the work is well done.  If you live in or are visiting Winnipeg and craving some new metal in your face or body, I still suggest Soul Survivors.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ren
Studio: Urban+Graffitti
Location: Winnipeg

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