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The Eyebrow Piercing that Wasn't Meant to Be.

The first piercing that I ever got in my life was a horizontal eyebrow piercing. I had thought over which piercing would look best on me and be somewhat unique, therefore I chose the horizontal eyebrow piercing. At this time, I also had to beg my parent's permission to get the piercing because I was still living with them at this time.

I went to get it with my dad. He paid for it, so I had to let him come. It was done and over with in 10 minutes. I don't remember it hurting at all. The only thing that I remember about actually getting it pierced was that I could her the pop of my skin when he pierced it.

I went home and admired it. It definitely was my favourite piercing. I was really paranoid though that it would grow out because I had heard about stories of people getting piercings and not being able to keep them because their body rejects them. So I attempted to keep this as clean as possible.

With in a couple months I could see the bar of the barbell. The first thing the came to mind was, "Oh no, my body is definitely rejecting this and I'm not going to be able to keep it" but then I tried to think optimistically and think, " Well, it was swollen and maybe this is just what it looks like when its not swollen." In addition, I definitely enjoyed the comments people gave me about it.

I waited another month and it started to get more and more infected. Also, the barbell was showing more and more with each week.

In the middle of math class one day while it had randomly started to bleed. I asked to be excused and ventured up to the girl's washroom, I looked in the mirror at my favourite piercing and I said my good-byes as I as gently as possible. In did the barbell and took out my piercing. That was a sad day. Nevertheless, the story doesn't stop there my friends.

As soon as it healed, I tried again. This time vowing that I would keep it as clean as possible and not play with it.

So soon after I ventured downtown with my friend Steph, we both planned to get piercings. I would get my eyebrow and she would get her ear done. When we got downtown we realized that it was a Sunday therefor most of the shops were not open. We walked around to four different piercing places in my hometown and none of them were open. This was a little discouraging because I had worked up my nerve once again and I had saved the money to get it done and none of the stores were open. By this time I was not living with my parents so it was my money that went towards paying for the piercing. Luckily, I had to barbell with me so that it cost less then the first time.

The second attempt for my second time I went I went with my friend Dave. I remember it hurting much more then the first one because as soon as I got it I ran outside putting my face to the cold wind of December in attempts to cool down my burning skin. That day we walked all over the downtown that whole day and went to the nearest shoppers drug mart to get the exact kind of soap that the piercer had told me to get. Which by the way was Soft Soap, antibacterial. It was a good day and very memorable day. I got the piercing that I had wanted for a long time. I spent the whole day with the guy that at this time, I liked, and I bought my favourite C.D. in my collection The Used – Maybe Memories. At this time, The Used had not become my favourite band yet, but they are now. So much so that I have seriously contemplated getting the heart in a noose, one of the bands logos, tattooed on my shoulder. However, that's another story.

I was a little disappointed at the angle of my second one, it was a little off, but I was none-the-less happy that I had my piercing back. This time I only had it for two months. Because it was so clean and healthy I think that it gave the piercing a chance to heal quicker, therefore, grow out quicker. How it was explained to me was that some people instead of the body healing around the metal, it can sometimes treat it like a wound. It then will attempt to push the foreign object out of the body because it thinks it is something harmful. Sometimes I wish my body wasn't so damn smart.

So, I tried to keep my piercing to the very end. By then, it was just being held in by a small thin piece of skin. One faithful day while I was brushing my hair my eyebrow ring got caught in the brush and ripped out. Instead of saying "ow!", swearing, or anything like that (because there wasn't much left to hurt anyway) I just screamed really loudly "I really wanted that!". And that's the story of the eyebrow piercing that I could never have.


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on: 01 April 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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