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My Spontaneous Anti- Brow

Well I guess to be fair it wasn't too spontaneous. I've more or less filled my ears with piercings (I'm still looking for the perfect orbital/ industrial,) and had my nose and tongue sorted as well. All fairly mainstream really, I wanted something a bit more original so I was having a look around. I found a picture on BME that immediately appealed to me. A girl with eye shadow just the way I do mine, offset perfectly with two blue balls right below the corner of her eye. Fabulous!

At first I dismissed it; sure I loved it but I couldn't possibly get it myself. But the idea grew on me and I decided to research it some more. I went to the studio in town that I always go to and asked if they could do it. Their answer was they could pierce wherever I liked (I guessed even they must have a limit somewhere but this time I was lucky.) I went away content for now.

I started thinking about it some more when the Easter holiday rolled around & I realised it was a good chance to add to my little collection, what with not having to ride my motorbike into college and a few days off work. But I still was torn between having my tongue repierced and the anti-brow.

Then today I drove into town with some friends to get some food. One of the guys saw a leaflet advertising another piercing studio and told me how much he'd always wanted his eyebrow pierced. And maybe his ear too. Fool. Of course he'd hit a nerve and I was off on one about my hit list. I said I'd go with him right then and there but he said he couldn't afford it. But he'd gotten me all exited and I wasn't about to let it go, so I offered to loan him the money if we went then. So we did.

I figured if he was getting his eyebrow it was fitting I should take the plunge and go with the anti-brow. I walked up to the counter and asked if they could pierce us now. I loved when I asked for an anti- brow the girl hesitated for a moment then said sure with a big grin on her face. I think she was as exited as me. That's always great.

My mate went first, I figured that was better in case he saw the needle and changed his mind. Not that that would happen of course... That went fairly smoothly as far as I could tell. I didn't see a lot because his girlfriend was in front of me which is fair enough. Then finally it was my turn.

My mate got asked to sit outside on account of it was getting pretty warm in there and she didn't want either of us passing out. Rach stayed to give a second opinion on placement. As I was showing Rach where I wanted it, the piercer glanced up and saw that she'd thought I meant having it a lot more horizontal. We discussed the pros and cons of each position and I decided on her way as it was likely to stay put better. I was a bit wary but as soon as she'd marked it out first time it looked great. She always gets it spot on I should never doubt her! I couldn't stop admiring it in the mirror even though it was just at the purple dot stage!

So she cleaned the area up a bit and sprayed on the freezing stuff. Very technical language, sorry. I thought I'd try not to watch the needle coming at me. It came sooner than I thought seeing as she didn't use clamps. She slid it through which to me felt like a sort of pushing. She manoeuvred it out the other side which didn't feel much worse. Id say overall it was uncomfortable not so much painful. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to look at the needle in face look I was sporting. Putting the jewellery through was pretty much the same sensation.

It instantly swelled up so there's a little lump between the balls, looks like its just kinda stapled there. I've been told that'll go down after a couple of days but if there are any problems to go back, they'll switch it for a longer bar. My only cause for concern is that they used a straight barbell not curved so there might be a bit of extra pressure on the skin in the middle. But I'll keep an eye on it, they can always change it.

Apparently I've been very brave. Good to hear, but I really don't think it was that big a deal. She also told me I was only the second person she had done this on. This would have worried me but she is a brilliant piercer, she knows what she's on about. In the end it made me feel real special. I'm not likely to see it on many other people.

So- so far so good. It looks just right; better than how I had pictured it. And it didn't hurt. Much anyway. So its been worth it, despite looks from my other friends and parents. But once the swelling goes down it'll be perfect.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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