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My Horizontal Brow Piercing

 This story is about my horizontal eyebrow piercing. I got it done on Feb 25th '05. I have been wanting a piercing for a while since the last one I got was about two months ago, I had the urge. So I looked on BME to find an awesome piercing, and I found it, the horizontal eyebrow. I heard that the chances of it rejecting are high but I thought o well I will try it and if it gets messed up I will take it out and pierce my brow vertically. Perfect timing too, I just turned 16 on Feb 22nd, so since my Mum would not sign for me, I could now sign for myself. Even though she did not approve of it she drove me down to the piercing parlor, and watched me get pierced. So I called and booked an appointment for later that day! How Exciting! My Mum drove me down to Bushido. It was busy getting down town since there was a bomb threat at the stampede grounds, so traffic was a little slow. As I waited, my stomach churned with excitement and nerves. Even though I have 15 piercings already, this going to be my 16th, I always get nervous.  

 Anyway! My appointment was for 5:30, by the time we got there it was 5:45, which was not bad. Normally when I'm late for a piercing I have to wait an hour or two. But when I walked in there were only two girls there that were waiting to get pierced, and I got to go before them! I went to the front desk and told them I booked an appointment, the guy asked for my ID, so I gave him my school go-card and my Canadian Citizen Card that I got when I moved here from England. I gave him my Canadian Citizen Card because my go-card didn't have my age on it. So they gave me a paper to read and sign. Once that was done, Jake took me into his piercing room. So I talked to Jake for a while about what could happen to my eyebrow and how to make sure the rejection rate will be twice as low, while he did that he put all his tools on his side table, ready for action. So I thought it did not sound all that bad. So he got me to stand in front of the mirror, placing the barbell over my brow in different positions to know exactly what I wanted ((he did not touch my skin; the barbell was still clean)). We finally came to a choice.  

 So I sat on his table, its like at the doctors that table chair thing, and got my mum to sit next to me. He washed his hands and put on a new set of gloves, then cleaned my brow with some funky stuff. I think it was iodine? Maybe not *laughs*. Then he tilted my head so he could dot the marks on my eyebrow. He did ever so carefully, then told me to look in the mirror. I told him it looked awesome. He tilted my head into position and told me that he was going to have to grab the skin and pierce it without a clamp because of the angle. So I grabbed my Mums hand and closed my eyes. I felt it go in, it did not really hurt, he then slowed down a bit to make sure he got the angle, and then finally pushed through to the other dot on my brow. It hurt only for a few seconds when he had to slow down, but other than that it was fine. He then put through the barbell and screwed it on very tight. He told me to look in the mirror and I was very happy with the results. It was dead brilliant! I just hope it won't reject! Jake then went over the cleaning instructions again and told me to come in if it rejects or whatever the need be.  

 I went out to the desk and paid and Jake showed my new piercing to the man behind the counter, and he said it looked cool. Jake seemed to be pleased with it, since it was the first time he had done a horizontal brow piercing before. I was pleased with the work that he had done, I really like him and his work. Jake is an awesome piercer. He told me to take a picture of it and he would put it in his portfolio. I gave him a tip and left! So far my brow is excellent and it's now March 25th. It didn't get very red or swell much, non the less I put ice on it when I got to the restaurant ((it was my Mums birthday so I took her out for dinner afterwards)), and it only burned for about 15 minutes after I got it done. It wasn't a bad burning sensation, not painful or what have you. I recommend this piercing to anyone! It is fabulous I can't stop looking at it! If you ever come to Calgary, Alberta, or you live here and you want a piercing, go to Bushido Tattoo and Piercing. 1112-4th Street South West. Or go to there site and check out who Jake is. www.bushidotattoo.com if you have any questions or what ever add me on MSN or email me my email is [email protected] Or send me pictures! I love pictures of piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jake
Studio: Bushido
Location: Down+Town+Calgary%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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