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My eyebrow my love

I always wanted my eyebrow pierced. So when I was 13 I asked my mom and dad and they said yes. So we started calling everywhere some places said you had to be 18 and half of them said you have to be 13. We found a good shop it was called Lambadi City Tattoo.

About 4 days later we drove down to Fairfield were Lambadi was. On the way I asked my dad alot of questions because he had seen alot of piercings. I asked him if the clamps hurt he said it is really painful.

We finally got there and we saw the outside and it looked very clean. I asked him if that was it and he said yes it is the one that said tattoo in purple.

We walked inside the shop and it was cleaner than the outside. They had awesome flash on the walls. I did not look at the jewelry yet because I already brought a barbell with me. A tattoo artist came out and I said I need to get my eyebrow pierced. He said how old are you and I said 13 and he said I don`t know if he will do it at 13 but let me check.

He finally came out and he said how old are you and I said 13 and he made my dad fill out a form. I also had to sign it. Then I had to pick out my jewelry because he does not pierce eyebrows with barbells and I said ok because I really wanted this piercing.

We went back to the piercing room and I sat down in this really weird looking chair. He started to unwrap everything and he put the jewelry in this cup with cleaning stuff.

Then he laid out the clamp , the needle , jewelry, and other stuff he needed. He started cleaning my eyebrow with this red stuff. He pulled out the clamp and he slowly put it on because he wanted to get it exactly right on the mark. I said will this hurt and he said just a little pinch. Clamps don`t hurt at all.

Then he said take a deep breath and I did. I felt a little sting. I knew that was the needle because it hurt. Then he took the clamp off and he layed it down on the tray.

He reached over for the jewelry and he said you are going to feel a little pressure. I did feel a little pressure. He put the jewlry in. I think that is the worse part. Then he said you are done with the worst part.

He tightened up the jewelry. I looked in the mirror and it was great I loved it. He started going over the after care directions while I was still looking at it.

We walked out of the room and went to the lobby. He gave me an after care page and I looked over it. It started itching a little but he said that is normal and he also said start cleaning it today.

I was so happy when I got home. I went to the bathroom right away and kept looking at it. I loved it so much. I started cleaning it with Dial soap I put it on the jewelry and around the hole and started turning the soap into the piercing. I was turning it for about 2 minutes. It was like 2 minutes of pain because it was stinging so bad. Then I had to clean all the soap off so it didn`t get all crusty.

I had to clean my piercing 2 times a day for about 2 months. I wanted to change it to a barbell but I realized I like hoops better than barbells. It started to get white crusties around the jewelry and I was worried because it looked all infected and I did not want to lose my piercing.

I called up Casper and he said that is normal. I was like wow I was so worried because I really love my piercings and I would like to keep them. This piercing is better than any other piercing I ever had. 2 weeks after the piercing I started to clean it and it did not hurt at all.

I think I`m going to build my eyebrow up to an eyebrow project. I might have like 4 eyebrow piercings because piercings are really addictive just like tattoos.

If you live in Ohio I really suggest you go to Lambadi City Tattoo because they are really awesome they are one of the best.

If you are thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced go for it! It does not hurt that bad. It is also a very safe piercing. I hope you liked reading my eyebrow piercing. Well see ya and have a wonderful piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Casper
Studio: Lambadi+City+Tattoo
Location: Fairfeild%2C+Ohio

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