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Third time's a charm

Okay, I'm 17, but was 16 when I first had my piercing done. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was 13 I believe, but I was not even going to attempt asking my parents, who aren't completely strict, they're just not as loose as some people. For awhile I had asked about my lip, but my parents are totally against oral piercings.

So, to start my parents finally agreed to let me get my eyebrow pierced, the first time was quite awhile ago and was done by a girl named Charlie when the shop was called Unusual Expressions. I had fallen in love with it, but it didn't last long. As careful as I was, my sister was the reason it rejected on me. She threw a bottle at me, nailed me in the face, and that was the end of that.

The second time was by Jesse, who runs The Inner Sanctum. He's totally nice, but I was totally naive. I had done my research, which is in part how I convinced my parents to let me get it done. Guess I should have paid more attention to the jewelry that should have been used. He used a straight barbell, which I believe was part of the problem. Near the end of the piercing I changed it to a titanium ring, which I thought would help since I figured I was also allergic to the nickel in the barbell. No luck, had to take it out a few days later.

Fast forward to today, or rather, nearly 3 months ago. I really missed my piercing, and I figured if I got it done again, I could use my ring, and could get it done on the right, rather than the left where I had it twice before.

So I'm looking online and I stumble across the Unusual Expressions website, which links me to the site for the Inner Sanctum. Hmmm, seemed that until the first of the year, all piercings (besides those below the belt) were only $30. Pretty cool, maybe I can convince my mom to let me get it done within the next week.

I bring it up to her and she says she'll think about it. So I wait patiently, but then it comes to wednesday, only a few days left until next year.

She says yes! I'm ecstatic. So we go into the shop on that Thursday and Jesse is surprised to see me. I told him what I wanted done, and was sure to mention the site said it would only cost $30. I guess a lot of people forgot to mention it.

So he takes me to the little room and has me sit on the dentist like chair. I watch as he brings everything out, fresh from the package. I'm just about to tell him I want it about the same spot as the other one was (I have an awesome looking scar now), when he beats me to it.

He marks me with the little dots, which I don't look at since I really don't care, as long as it's about the same so if this one fails, I'll have a matching scar. He puts the clamp on, which is, of course, uncomfortable, but after 2 previous times, I'm used to it. He never tells me to breathe in, but I know what's coming.

I close my eyes so I don't see the needle coming at me and he pushes it through. His kids start saying, 'ew, gross!' I'm totally unaffected. He gets the ring in, which is more uncomfortable then putting a barbell in, and I'm done. I pay him, get myself some H2Ocean and I'm on my way.

I believe it was a little over a month when I came in to get more of the salt spray, and as soon as I walk in Jesse is like, "growing out again?" I smile and say, "actually, it's looking pretty good right now, I'm just hoping."

They didn't have any H2Ocean, so he tosses me a bag of ocean salt, it's only a $3.00 bag, but he gives it to me for free.

This thursday will be 3 months and I'm going in to get the oversized ring changed to a barbell I got. Can't wait.

I'm still a little weary, and I'm sticking to my 2 salt soaks a day cleaning routine. The eyebrow is definately a piercing that can look great on pretty much everyone. Just make sure you take care of it and have the right jewelry. Shelling out the extra money for something that is titanium or whatever is totally worth it.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. I'm by no means an expert on eyebrow piercings, but I'm willing to offer any advice I can.

If you just want to know how much it hurts, or if it hurts at all, don't even bother. I'll just tell you what I tell everyone else. They shove a needle through your skin, of course it fucking hurts. But after the third time, I was just like, whatever, and didn't have that much adrenalin pumping through me so I felt it. I would totally do it again though. Piercing through scar tissue hurts like a bitch, and usually, if you're filled with enough adrenalin, you're not going to feel it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 March 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jesse
Studio: The+Inner+Sanctum
Location: Austin%2C+MN

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