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Road Side Bridge

Now I don't recommend you do this but I really wanted a bridge piercing and being young and stupid. What you want you have to have in what ever way you can, with out thinking of the potential damage and the germs you are infecting your body with. So anyway here is my story. Ok first of I'd like to state I've been into Body mods since I was around 10-11 this procedure happened when I was 14-15 I can't remember but almost all my friends from school, when I see them at some of the clubs still to this day recall this incident and it was over 5 years ago.

I was searching on the net back in 94' on the computers at school, then they where still running windows 3.1, and the net was so slow, then I came across a new web site I hadn't seen before, that's right. BME! They had this picture of this guy with a bridge piercing which I had seen a couple of pictures of in the magazines I had at home but none made me want it. So I decided to pierce it. This is how it happened

I was rollerblading to school in the morning with my newly pierced eyebrow when I thought I'd give my bridge ago. So while still skating I grabbed my trusty sewing needle and my small mirror I carried around and went about piercing my bridge, still while in motion.

I got the needle through but being a sewing needle it was around 16 gauge, not big enough to grab a barbell and also put it through so I left the needle in all day, and got plenty of Gasps and 'Does that hurt?' . So after the day was over I went on my way home got to the top of my street and thought I'd better remove it before mum sees it.

So I went about removing it, it was a little hard but it came out, with a little bit of blood, but not too much.

I got home cleaned myself and had a shower and pierced my ear just to add another to the collection, went to bed.

Got up again, went of to school on my skates and this time I waited till I was at school before I re pierced it. I got it through and was happy, during lunch I decided to try make the gauge a little bigger well probably to much for a bridge, I grabbed my new sewing needle this one would have been probably 10 gauge, and tried to put it in but no luck.

I decided to wait till science so I could do it at the back of the room hiding from the teacher, little did I know we had a test on, anyway that's not going to stop me. So during my test I pulled out my 10 gauge and my mirror, sat there and started pushing as hard as I could, it didn't hurt, just stung. Any way we where sitting a person at each end off the table and my mate Rohan was sitting opposite me.

He was watching and shaking his head. He was watching me saying, that's going to piss blood everywhere. I was like shhh I'm almost there. I just got the tip of the needle to the other end, My bridge felt puffy, o'well I thought, it's probably cause the needle was blunt and instead of piercing it was more of a stretch and tear sort of pierce.

I showed most of the people in the class, they all being 14 said it'll look cool in their mainstream slang. The teacher had no idea what I was doing, he looked in my direction a few times but I easily hid my face behind a book, as it was an open book test. I thought I'd better try putting the barbell in so I pulled the needle out; well that's when it all went wrong, in a funny yet scary manner.

Two All Mighty Bursts of blood started pouring from my bridge; I think I must have hit a vein or something. Blood hit my friend across the table; he was roughly two meters away. I was freaking out thinking I'd pass out, so I grabbed the big roll of paper towel and started lapping up my blood, I took my blood drenched test up to the teacher, and said I had a blood nose, holding the paper towel over my face.

Well I let it heal up and then re did it properly with a new 12 gauge needle. I've had it for almost 6 years now and it's still going strong. I now just wear it on weekends as my work probably wouldn't care too much but I like to look half 'proper' when I'm working and dealing with people in the day to day world.

I'd love to get another, and probably will. I was thinking of a vertical as it's something a little less common. Well that's my story of how I ended up with my 10 gauge bridge. I'll add a few more stories about the many other piercings I have and the strike brandings I have.



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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 March 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: Roadside
Location: Australia

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