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My enjoyable eyebrow piercing experiences

   Since about the age of 14 I have had an interest in piercings and tattoos. After having five holes put in my ears, and my bellybutton pierced, I became bored and wanted to do something a little different. Getting a tattoo just was not an option because I just can not handle the thought of having something on my skin permanently. So I began researching all the facial piercings, from the actual procedures to the healing and after care. Unfortunately, piercings and tattoos are pretty much taboo where I live. Most of the people I know do not like them and are quick to judge the people who have them. I knew that anything I had done would mean me catching a lot of crap from people, especially my family members. After a lot of careful thought, I settled on having my eyebrow pierced. I decided that I did not care what everybody else thought and that if I wanted to do it,I was going to do it. I have now had it done twice and I will tell about each experience.  
   The first time I had it done I was 18.  I called around and talked to the few piercers that were in my driving range. The first one I talked to was not at all friendly and did not seem to want to answer my questions, I knew that I would not be using him. I talked to a couple more people and they were ok, but on the last call I found somebody that I really liked. The studio was an over an hour drive from my house, but I did not mind because I was so impressed with the guy. So we got there and I talked to him about the actual piercing process and aftercare. I told him I was ready to do it and he asked to see my i.d. I went digging through all the junk in my purse trying to find my driver's license and realized it was not in there. I had taken it out while I was switching bags. I explained that to him, but being the professional that he was, refused to do it until I could show my i.d. I really wanted it done so I decided to take that long drive back to the house, pick up my license, and return. That really sucked, let me tell you.  
   So when I got back he took me and my mother into the piercing room where he carefully got everything ready. Once he was ready to pierce me he told me to breathe in and out. On the third breath out, he stuck the needle through. I was very surprised at the pain. I was expecting it to be a lot worse than what it was, but it actually  hurt less than my bellybutton did. He put in a 16 g curved barbell which was exactly what I wanted. It turns out my mom actually watched him do it, which was surprising because she is not fond of piercings and such. When he got the jewelry in she said, "I did not know there was going to be a ball on the top and the bottom." The piercer just laughed and shook his head. So I payed him and told him what a good job he did and left. My piercing looked great and I was very proud of it and glad that I had it done. As for the people that I knew would be making negative comments, no surprise there, a lot of them said just what I figured they would. Some were more accepting than others, and over time my eyebrow ring became a part of me, and the comments were dropped for the most part. 
   I enjoyed my piercing for eight months with absolutely no infection or problems before having to take it out, due to a job. That was two years ago, I am now 20 and no longer have the job. This past week was spring break week and I had been tossing the idea around of having it done again. This time I was considerably more nervous, I don't know why. I was honestly scared to death and actually dreaded having it done. I was aware that the place where I had done it before no longer had the same piercer and that made me a little nervous. I spoke to the new guy on the phone and then met him in person when I went in to have it done. He was extremely nice and reassured me that everything would be ok. I was glad that they had replaced the other guy with another good piercer.  As I said, I was extremely nervous and thought about backing out a couple of times but he reassured me and the fear pretty much went away. So this time I new what to expect. It was the same as before, fill out the paper work and talk about the healing and aftercare. He took up a lot of time with me, marking the dots just where I wanted them and where they needed to be. I decided to do it on the right side again but this time we did it a little farther over. When he pierced me it was not bad at all. Don't get me wrong, it hurt, but was over in seconds. To me the worst part is putting in the jewelry but I did not even know when he did it. My mom said that it looked like a magic trick, the way he put it in. Yet again I have a great piercing that I am very proud of. It was totally worth the bad nerves and the long wait. As far as comments go, I have yet to get the ever so popular question thrown at me, "What is that in your eye?" But I know that its coming sooner or later.  
    If you are considering having your eyebrow pierced, I say go for it! You only live once and you might as well enjoy your body while you have it! As for the pain, it's nothing to worry about, especially when you have a good piercer. If you are in central Alabama and want to get a piercing, go see Crow at A Perfect Touch in Oxford, you will be very pleased!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 March 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeff+Crow
Studio: Perfect+Touch
Location: Oxford%2C+AL

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