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eyebrow piercing, escaping my torment

It was last year just after my 16th birthday that I decided to get my eyebrow pierced. This wasn't that much of a big deal for me because I knew I really wanted it done. I had been getting piercing since I was 15 years old. My labret and tongue had already been done and I needed something that none of my friends had done and something that I knew would look really different on me. I had never had a piercing done at this particular studio before but I had heard good things and decided that I should go there for a piercing.

I booked my appointment for later the same day because they had a vacancy and then I got ready and headed to Epping. The piercer was really nice but because I was under 18 he wanted to ask my mum for permission so I gave him my home number and he rang up. Okay so maybe you're thinking that this is lame but come on they have to avoid angry parents so I completely understand why he rang my mum. Anyway, I decided to get pierced with 16 gauge, black titanium, curved barbell. I have an obsession with black and I thought it looked sexy so I made this choice based on those reasons. Then he took me into the back room where the piercings are done and I agreed to have a trainee watch and my cousin was allowed in to watch as well.

The procedure was basic and did not take long at all. I was a little nervous but to be honest I find the guys that work in "off ya tree" gorgeous so that took my mind off being nervous. Everything was sterilized in a professional manner and I was told to lie down on the bench. I laid down, he clamped my eyebrow and then the pierced my flesh with the needle before putting the jewelry in and telling me that it was all done. The actual piercing took about 3 minutes including clamping. The piercer was very friendly and laid back and had confidence in what he was doing. This is something I always look for in a piercer. I will not let someone with no piercings pierce me because I believe if you pierce you should have a passion for it. Also, if you are doing something like this you should have experienced it yourself. Otherwise it just seems pointless to be in that profession. Also, I need a confident piercer because having a nervous, uncertain wreck about to pierce you makes you incredibly nervous. I hate it when the person is so nervous and they start taking a long time to clamp and get ready, it frustrates me so much. So, it is good to know that at this shop you will always have a confident, pin cushion, who will pierce you.

Since getting the piercing done I have also had my nose and lip done, but my eyebrow was by far the least painful and my favorite. Unfortunately I had already been to a bad piercer before I went to "off ya tree" and they had attempted to pierce my eyebrow without success. Therefore the scar tissue meant that my piercing was beginning to grow out so recently I had to remove the piercing in order to prevent getting a scar. However, I think I will get my other eyebrow pierced at "off ya tree" again because I know that there was nothing they could do to prevent it growing out in my case. I still believe that they are top quality piercers and would trust them with any piercing I wanted done.

To me piercings are very important and symbolic of what lies inside of my soul. They also remind me of a good friend and help me connect with her. Each piercing I chose is selected with great consideration and care because I want to keep my piercings for a long time. It is my way of letting go of the pain and relaxing. When I feel low and I want to hurt myself I find that a piercing is a better alternative and will remind me of how I got myself through those bad times in my life. Although my teachers and my parents do get concerned that I am putting too much "metal in my face", I find that it is my decision because it is my body. I don't expect everyone else to like my piercings, but what matters to me is that I really like them myself. It is an individual choice and I would never feel ashamed of my piercings. To me each one is like a pet, to look after and care for. It makes me feel good when I make a decision that I stick to. " I never said I wanted to be different, I just said I wanted to be me".


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 March 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Off+Ya+Tree+%28epping+store%29
Location: Epping%2C+Melb%2C+VIC%2C+Autralia

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