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Did my eyebrow piercing hurt? Just a pinch!

    I'm writing my story here because, like other stories I've read, I started to really want my eyebrow piercing after I had read many stories here on BMEzine.  

On June 31st for me and July 1st for my friend, right after Driver's Ed (we were both 15) we decided we wanted to get something pierced that barely anybody at our school had gotten done. My first choice was an industrial and her choice was her lip. After we had gotten these done, we felt pretty proud of ourselves. 

On the 4th of July my friend, her boyfriend of the time, my boyfriend and I all went out of town for a big parade and fireworks. On our way there, my friend (sitting next to me) turned to me and goes, "Wow, I really think you would look good with your eyebrow pierced." Ever since then, it's always been one of those things that were always in the back of my mind about doing someday, but never really getting the chance to.

That is, until a couple of months ago, when another friend of mine and I were talking about piercings we wanted someday and I asked him if he had known any good piercing websites and he suggested BMEzine.com. Here, I started looking at piercings like crazy and even was amazed by some I'd never seen before. Okay, so a lot I've never seen before, you see, I live in a small town, where everybody knows everybody, and it's basically made up of old people and little kids, none of which had very creative body art.

As I was looking through pictures and reading stories, I thought back to the 4th of July when my friend had complemented on how I'd look good with an eyebrow piercing. This really got me excited and wanting to get it done. I talked to my boyfriend about it, practically the only person I care enough about who would care about what I look like and what I do. And he didn't say yes, no or otherwise so I really decided that I'd go for it and ask my mom, aside from some of my friends thinking its "icky" as she put it, or otherwise. I was doing it because I liked it, I didn't need any body else's opinion.

So the time came, when I felt it was right to ask my mom, of course, my dad not being in the room, I found it a perfect time. I kind of asked my mom half-jokingly because I was so sure she would say no. But surprisingly she said yes! I was really happy and since I had the money, I decided to do it the next day.

I knew exactly where I was going to go to get my piercing. It was going to be Class Act in a city right outside of my hometown. I chose this place because I had first gone there with my brother a couple of weeks after he'd gotten his tongue pierced and went to get a smaller barbell. This place was really clean, even though I had never been in a piercing/tattooing parlor before then; I knew this had to have been one of the cleanest areas in this city. Another reason I chose there, is because when me and my brother went in there to get his smaller barbell, the tattooist was giving my older brother a tattoo... and this had to be a clean place, especially if my oldest brother trusted the people enough to get 4 tattoos & my younger brother to get a piercing there. So like I said before, my first experience was getting my industrial, and then I went back again for my navel and my cart ledge (double pierced).

So when I went in to get my eyebrow pierced, it was exactly like it had always been. Very clean, very comfortable, they basically make you feel right at home the minute you walk in the door. My boyfriend and I waited in the waiting room when David called us back. And from going with my friend to get her lip pierced before, I know that they only allow two people in the back room (the person getting the piercing and a friend) along with David to keep everything clean and sterile.

When we got to the back room I sat down in the big black comfy dentist chair... but much bigger, and a lot more comfortable. I watched David put the gloves on and take the needle out of the package, all along he was joking around with my boyfriend over some shirt he was wearing, which was pretty funny and that made me ease up a little bit. First he put iodine on my eyebrow to make sure everything was clean. Afterwards he marked me with the magic purple marker and had me look in the mirror to make sure I liked where he had put the dots. He then told me to stay calm because if I tensed up it was going to seem a lot worse then what it really was. So I stayed calm, and as he started putting the needle in from bottom to top, all it felt like was a little pinch. And this is really good considering I'm not one for pain. My eyebrow bled a pretty good amount, but David cleaned it all up without me having to see it or clean it myself. Afterwards he made sure I was okay with my piercing and feeling okay, not weary or anything and then he explained to me what I should be cleaning my piercing with. I had already known, after all I had gotten 3 other piercings there. Before leaving, I paid and tipped him, because he did a great job and was very gentle. You should always tip your piercer if you're satisfied with what you've gotten done.

It is now 3 months later & I am still as much as I was then, in love with my 16g, curved barbell, eyebrow piercing. I have only changed my curved barbell to a retainer twice because of school activities I am in that don't allow piercings to be shown, it still feels great & it's grown on me too. My friends & my boyfriend all think it looks great on me. Even the one friend who thought it looked "icky" thinks it looks "alright". I say if you want your eyebrow done, go & get it! You'll love it just as much as I do!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: David+Kay
Studio: Class+Act
Location: Iowa+City%2C+Iowa

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