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My first eyebrow....but hopefully not my last!

Ok, the story of how I got my eyebrow ring is like an onion—it has many layers. So, lets go through them, shall we?

It started when I was about 13, and I loved piercings and tattoos. I had so many ideas for tattoos---they were pretty bad though, and a good thing I didn't do them. I would have completely regretted them. But, anyway. My mum wasn't too thrilled with my love of piercings and tattoos—it was a struggle just to have her let me get a second pair of holes in my earlobes. I loved my earlobes, but it still wasn't enough. One thing I especially wanted was a tattoo. Well....what a surprise from my sisters. For my 16th birthday, they gave a certificate saying they would pay (within reason) for my first tattoo. I went ahead, and I went to Sinkin' Ink in Hamilton for that one, a little foot on my ankle that took about 5 min to do. I loved it. I wanted more.

When I was 17, I decided, despite the fact that my mum was against it, to go and get the top part in my ear pierced. I did it with a gun. BIG MISTAKE. While I had no problems with it, I just shudder after reading everything on the dangers of piercing with guns. NEVER AGAIN. My mum was not pleased—but I was. Another piercing. Hee hee hee (well....some people don't call that part a piercing....those people can kiss my ass).

Well. Then I turned 18. I decided to get another tattoo. I knew I wanted a variation on a maple leaf---I'm Canadian and VERY patriotic. I went back to Sinkin' Ink and got a maple leaf on my right shoulder with the words "Made in Canada". I love it. By then I was hooked, I knew I had to have more.

When I went to university, I wanted something more. I did my research—thank god for BME. I asked my friends and armed with that and the info from BME I decided Artistic Impressions was the place for me. I got another tattoo—a Celtic cross on my lower back—and then decided. It Was Time. I walked in last week and walked up to the counter and said "I would like to pierce my eyebrow please" The guy asked if I minded waiting, because Jeremy (the piercer) was just having a bite to eat. I said that was fine, I was in no hurry. I was glad it was Jeremy—he had pierced my friend's nose a month before and she was really happy with it. I sat down. Aiden—the guy who did my cross (a great tattoo artist) gave me wave and asked how my back had healed. I said it healed great and he and I—and the guy at the counter—chatted a bit, while I filled out the necessary forms and got my aftercare sheet. Then it was time.

Jeremy came out and led me to the back room. I took off my coat, and scarf and my glasses, and Jeremy asked which eyebrow I wanted to pierce. I decided on my left. Jeremy put gloves on, and made sure I saw him opening a new needle. He asked me how I was and I said I was tired, on account of drunk people pulling the fire alarm at 3 in the morning (oh the joys of university residence). He asked if there was a lot of underage drinking there and I said a fair bit. He and I were both in agreement that the drinking age should be lowered, and we talked about that while he cleaned the area to be pierced. He marked two dots with a marker and handed me a mirror, and asked how I liked where it was. I said I liked it, and I did. It was exactly where I imagined it would be. I felt the clamps go on—but they didn't hurt. Everyone always says the clamps are the worst—they just felt weird....kinda like the elastic they put around your arm when they take blood. Jeremy asked if I was ready and I said yeah. And in went the needle. It hurt a bit---but only for a split second. I felt my eye water, and then Jeremy put the jewellery in—a 14 gauge CBR (Jeremy told me he doesn't like to pierce with barbells—CBR's allow for swelling) and told me he was finished. He showed me while he bent the needle and threw it in the Sharps container. He then went over the aftercare with me while I put on my glasses and scarf and coat---all the while looking in the mirror at my new addition. I went up and paid him---and gave a 10$ tip. He looked at me and told me I was crazy. I replied that I was, but that didn't have anything to do with it. He thanked me and told me to have a good day. I told him the same, as well as Aiden who was at the counter as well.

I went straight to the Pen Centre where I bought Epson salts and cue tips. I went home and of course showed it off to everyone I could. I don't think anyone believe I was really going to do it until I showed them.

It's been two weeks and it is healing great. I did swell up---and got a kick-ass bruise. It looked like I had been in a bar brawl. That is almost gone now. It still stings a bit when I clean it, but all in all I love it. If anyone is ever in St. Catherines, go to Artistic Impressions. If you want a piercing, ask for Jeremy, he's great. Although, I am sure all the others are just as amazing—it is a really great place. If you want a tattoo, ask for Aiden—he did mine and still remembers me. He's a great guy. Anyway, that is my body modification history---to be continued!

P.S.....two days later, when my sister came up to visit, I convinced her to go and get her eyebrow done there as well!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Feb. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: St.+Catherines%2C+ON%2C+Canada

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