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Bridge of Spiritual Wonder

I've been heavily into piercings for almost 2 years now, and after acquiring myself a healthy number of piercings, I decided that getting my Bridge pierced would be the next best piercing to get. I've had a few facial piercings so the thought of a needle near my eyes didn't bother me the slightest. I chose to go to METAflesh that day because I was with a dear friend of mine who knows Joe and Rob of METAflesh very well, as they used to babysit her when she was a kid. Nothing better than having close, (professional) friends pierce you.

I'd decided on the piercing a week prior to the visit to Brighton. Luckily for me, Brighton is a place full of pierced people, so MANY chances of seeing the piercing on others for real, before actually getting it. I set off with Debz at my side, who, as a fellow piercing-freak, was very keen on me getting my Bridge. She came in and had her nipple pierced. She'd often said to me how she was dying to get it done, but as her nose bridge was so "fat" as she put it, she couldn't get it done.

We waited in the waiting room on a lovely red leather sofa chatting to Rob as Joe sorted another customer out. He came up and ushered us down to the Green Room. At this point I was wondering why he never let me in the other rooms...

So, I went first, as Debz wanted to be alone for her nipple piercing. I sat on the platform bed, and sat staring forward as Joe, who spent at least 20 minutes making sure it was dead in line with dots. He's an ultimate perfectionist which is a brilliant trait to have in the Piercing business. Joe had a black eye the previous night and, while perfecting his dots, explained to us exactly how he acquired it. After the first 10 minutes of him staring I could have sworn he was only doing it to see how much I could laugh.

He finally dotted my bridge for the last time, stared at me for at least 3 minutes trying to make sure it was ABSOLUTELY perfectly straight and asked me to lay down and close my eyes. As I lay there, I didn't get the usual feeling of, "I'm getting a piercing, PAIN IS HENCEFORTH!" I felt truly relaxed, but happy. Not excited. He clamped my bridge, and pierced it.

The strangest feeling came from it. It wasn't pain, or a dull ache, it was as though I could see through my skull, from underneath my head and I could see the needle passing through my flesh. I could also feel a light pushing feeling. It was all very weird and hard to explain. Once it was over, I didn't want to get up. I just wanted to lay there and experience it all again.

He asked me to stand up and checked it he had done it in line. The smile on Joe's face was amazing. I'd never seen him look so pleased. He asked me to come back 8 weeks later to take photos, and pointed at the mirror for me to look.

I hated it. I absolutely hated it from the minute I saw it. The balls were too large and I felt a little bit annoyed that I had done it. Joe explained that all the clients he's had have hated it for the first hour or so but it really grows on you. I smiled and said I loved it. It was already growing on me and I was starting to like it with every second. Joe then told me the spiritual Out Of Body Experience he had when he had his Bridge pierced (the only piercing he keeps in) In some ways I wished I had an Out Of Body Experience, but mine was great enough. Something weird had happened to me. I thanked him again wholeheartedly and left the room while Debz had her nipple pierced.

I walked upstairs and saw a room full of people waiting for piercings. Rob asked me how I was, that was the point I started to feel a little dazed, almost stoned, like I was on drugs, but not faint. I nodded and started chatting about how amazing the experience was. I then went out for a cigarette and had to come inside after about 30 seconds, due to feeling so "stoned". Walking through town that day was different, but very fun!

Over all, I say to anyone thinking of getting a bridge piercing, go for it. It's a beautiful, spiritual piercing and it's changed my outlook on piercings entirely! If I could do it again I would, unfortunately I love my Bridge piercing too much to let it go!


submitted by: Cerkitz
on: 05 Feb. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Joe
Studio: METAflesh
Location: Brighton-+England

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