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Breaking My Piercing Virginity

The day was the 20th December 2004, why is this relevant? Well it is my Brother's birthday. For his 21st birthday I said I'd pay for this tattoo he wanted. He got his tattoo done at Sims Tattoos, Croydon. Where Sims is located the building is split halfway, so the Bodyworks piercing studio is in the bottom half of the building and Sims Tattoos are in the top half. I'd thought about getting a piercing for such a long time, and had considered a few options (large lobe, nose, eyebrow, etc). We headed to the studio. I had a good while to wait (due to my brother's tattoo) and finally having convinced my mum about the eyebrow piercing, now was the time to have it done.

Convincing my mum was probably the worst part of the experience. My dad is relatively carefree in letting his sons get body modifications, but my mum is the complete opposite, she hates them. The only piercing she originally said I could have was the standard earlobe piercing, but I decided it wouldn't suit me. It took many long days and nights showing her pictures of eyebrow piercings (thank you BME!!!) and trying to tell her that I'll look after it, keep it clean, etc. It was a long had battle but now I have the piercing it was all worthwhile.

When we arrived at the studio, I told the woman at the counter what I wanted and then I handed her the money. She was very friendly. I had to wait while a girl had her navel pierced but I didn't mind. In Bodyworks they have a very wide array of jewellery for sale, pictures on the wall, and things like that. The time didn't seem like long at all for the sole fact that there was just so much to look at. We went into the back room where the piercing takes place. It was very clean and had a few pictures of different piercings on the wall which added a nice touch. She measured the area and spent a good while making sure the piercing was placed perfectly. I looked at the pen marks she had made and agreed that it was perfect positioning. She measured the area and showed me the jewellery she was going to insert (Curved barbell). I was kinda nervous but we chatted and I was made to feel as comfortable as I could considering the circumstances.

The procedure was explained to me as we went along, and the actual piercing only hurt a bit. When it came to clamping she said to me the clamping was normally the worst part. I didn't feel a thing, so I expected (and hoped) the piercing would be painless. It was a weird pain. It was over too shortly to be considered painful, but for the second or so the needle was going through it hurt. I was given an aftercare sheet and left the studio after my brother was all finished up. The staff were very friendly and I chatted to them while waiting for my brother.

Healing it has been fine so far (had it for a month) and it only hurts if I catch it, or someone tries to pull it like they did the other night. The cleaning procedure that they told me to use was the Savlon Anticeptic Wound Wash Spray. Due to the placement of the piercing the piercer explained it was best to soak a cotton bud then apply the antiseptic with that, as spraying at you eye could end up being very painful. The main thing you have to get used to is the fact that it is there. I have quite long hair so you have to make sure you don't catch it when you move hair out of your face or wash your hair and stuff like that.

I'm looking forward to next month (eyebrow piercings have a two month healing period) as I can then start buying all kinds of jewellery for my piercing. I currently have my eye on the curved barbell with the little spiked ends. The piercing was a great success. All the people who have seen it have said it looks nice and that it suits me. Even when I showed my mum she said it had really good placement and suited me, which is a huge bonus in itself. I really love it and I find it hard imagining what I looked like before I had it done.

I would definitely recommend Bodyworks to any of my friends. Some people say it is a bit more expensive than some of the other studios, but I'd rather pay a little bit more to have people I trust pierce me, then have a dirty back street piercing studio do it just for the sake of a few pounds.

Thanks for reading,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Feb. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Very+Nice+Woman
Studio: Bodyworks%2C+Croydon
Location: London

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