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What I wanted first, but got second...

It is now nine and a half months after getting my eyebrow piercing. I do not like writing experiences until I have actually had a piercing for some time... When my interest in body modification began, I started talking my mother into the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced. She was not all that against it. Which makes me question why I then

got my lip pierced before my eyebrow. Since this experience I have acquired ten more piercings so I may base a bit on those experiences, as well.

Let us continue... It was April Fool's day of 2004 and I was in the mood for a new piercing. I decided going to the same place where I got my lip pierced would be easiest. Plus, I knew what to expect from them. It is a fairly nice shop where only piercing is done, no tattoos, etcetera. It is only about an hour drive from my small town to Colour Box Body Piercing in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Once getting to the shop, I had to wait a bit for some "bellybutton girls" to get their navels poked. I browsed the jewelry and finally decided on a 16 gauge CBB (curved barbell). Even though a barbell was $40, rather than the $30 for a ring. At the time, I thought that a ring might cause me to catch it more often.

I walked into the back room and "fell" into the red dentist-type chair. I started feeling a bit nervous as I realized it was almost time for my next piercing. Which would only be my second piercing done with a needle. Nicole, the piercer, quickly went to setting things up. She put on clean gloves and I watched her open everything for the piercing. She confirmed which eyebrow would be pierced then placed two dots on it. After handing me a mirror, I agreed that it was a good placement. I chose to have it pretty near the end of my eyebrow, I do not like the look of piercings too close to the nose. She cleaned my eyebrow throughly, as well.

After the placement was decided, then came the clamps. Now, I must say, they are not as bad as most will tell you. I barely even noticed it being clamped. I closed my left eye as having a needle that close to my open eye bothered me a bit. The actual piercing was not painful, at all. Only a slight pinch when the needle entered the first mark, barely noticed it then exit the other side. There was no blood or noise with the piercing, it was almost dissapointing, heh. Jewelry insertion was also quite quick and easy. She had an apprentice piercer so everything was being explained as she went along. It was kind of nice for me to be able to hear all of that, as well.

When it was completed, I hopped up and looked at my new piercing. I loved it and it fit my eyebrow wonderfully. I then thanked the piercer and paid my $40. I was definitely on a piercing high. Those are so wonderful.

Aftercare was simple, I just cleaned it a bit with non-scented soap in the shower every morning. Other than that, I left it alone as much as possible. It never swelled, which I was quite happy about. There was a very small bruise around one of the holes, the top one, I think. But it was not noticeable unless pointed out. (I just stare at my piercings a lot.) I did, however, get crusties on it - often. I would usually just lightly pick them off while cleaning. I have a bad habit of picking it off with my finger nails. I just cannot help messing with it. Occasionally, after nine months, I still do get

crusties on the bottom hole. Several times my eyebrow barbell got pulled, usually because my hair wrapped around it and I tried to pull my hair back. I am lucky that I never tore it. About three months after the piercing, I attempted to change the jewelry. After removing the current barbell, I went to put in the new one only to find that I could not get it all the way in! After only a few attempts, the piercing began to bleed. This worried me since it did not bleed at all when it was pierced. The next day I went back to my piercer to get it put back in. A couple days ago, I finally changed the jewelry. This time it was quite easy. After fighting to get the other barbell unscrewed - it really wanted to stay on there.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful piercing and I highly recommend it! It is not at all painful and is very easy to care for. At some point, I plan to get another piercing in my left eyebrow. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at sarah(AT)poseurpride.net. You can also find me via my IAM page, dieNOWkthnx.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nicole
Studio: Colourbox+Body+Piercing
Location: Green+Bay%2C+Wisconsin

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