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Piercing Virgin

So here's my story. I am a 19 year old college music major, and I live in Eugene Oregon, a fairly hippie city located in West-Central Oregon. And as of 2 months or so ago I was a piercing virgin. Yes that's right folks. Not even the ears. And don't get me wrong, I wasn't from some uber-conservative family or go to some ultra strict school. My parents didn't want to have me get my ears pierced until I was old enough to choose it myself and fully understand the process. I think that's pretty cool. Anyway, that supposed age came and went, and yet I remained unpierced. I have always had sort of a problem with changing my appearance, especially in ways that could be long lasting. I've even had the same haircut since I was 14. You get the picture. Some people figured I had a problem with needles, but the reality is I'm probably the least scared of them out of anyone I know. I give blood every chance I get and I was even looking into selling my plasma for a while. So there was nothing stopping me from piercing at all, just my own general ambivalence.

Anyway, this whole experience started when my friend Amy and I came across these coupons for awesome piercing deals at the best place in Eugene, High Priestess. If you know anything about Eugene, you know that High Priestess is the place to go. They REALLY care about you and want to make sure you have an awesome experience. Plus they own 3 of the 5 shops in my part of Oregon that are certified by the Association of Professional Piercers. Anyway, the deal was that if three friends come in together to get stuff pierced they each get 20% off! Before I chickened out, I agreed to go with Brittany and Amy the next Saturday, although I had no clue what I wanted (and neither did they). I just figured I'd get my ears done finally, though to be honest the idea didn't really thrill me.

Well the day came and I wasn't feeling much up to it. I'd been in a car accident a few days earlier and while not exactly injured I didn't much feeling like walking around. However, Amy pointed out that there probably was no better time to get a piercing done than when one is drugged out on muscle relaxants, as I was at the time. Couldn't agree more. And by this time, by popular demand of my friends, I'd decided get my eyebrow done. So by now I was a bit nervous. In my town, while the eyebrow isn't considered really extreme, it's definitely one of the more radical, at least for girls. Plus I am a classical singer, and I really didn't want to shock the entire Music School. But by now I had the itch to get it done. So the three of us went down to high Priestess, I in a semi-comatose state and schlumping along in my sweatpants. We reached the building and it was awesome. It had a great, artsy, hippie aspect to it while being hospital-clean. The people there were all awesome and totally up front about the whole thing. Amy decided to go for her right nostril, and Brittany decided on her left ear (cartilage). I thought that would look stupid on her but whatever. And I went for a 16g titanium curved barbell for my left eyebrow. A lot of girls go for the 18g but I wanted something that would be a bit more obvious.

Because I was the only "piercing virgin" of the group it was decided that I should go first. Maybe they thought I would back out if I saw the others. Hmph. My piercer, David, showed me all his equipment including the needle, which seemed very non-threatening. He cleaned my eyebrow thoroughly, then marked two dots on my eyebrow with a toothpick. I told him it looked fine. I was instructed to lay down, take a deep breath, and within a second felt the needle cleanly pierce through my skin. NO PAIN. Ok, well a little, but nothing like giving blood or getting a shot. I was practically hitting myself in the face for not having gotten it sooner. Once the jewelry was in (also pain free) I took a look at myself. It was so me! I loved it! It wasn't irritated looking or anything. After the others got their stuff done, we went back to Amy's house and everyone commented on how much the piercing suited me. And not just my face, but my personality as well! I loved it so much! And as you probably could have guessed, I now have the itch to get something else done

Unfortunately I ran into a problem three days ago (mostly due to my own carelessness), and had to have the piercing taken out. I touched it way too much which created a lot of unnecessary scarring and irritation. DO THE SEA SALT SOAKS REGULARLY AND DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIERCING! I went back to HPP and they drained it and took the jewelry out, then gave my a coupon for a free re-pierce. But I can't wait to get it redone! It was so painless and is such an awesome piercing. If you are considering it, then go for it! And if you are ever in Eugene, check out High Priestess!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: David
Studio: High+Priestess+Piercing
Location: Eugene%2C+OR

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