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My first professional piercing

Well... I'm an eighteen year old girl from the northeast of Sweden. I live with a friend who has a severe passion for piercings and the grim reaper.


I only have an obsession with german dwarfs and computers

Anyhow, the thing that led me to my very first professional piercing (I had a mouche done by myself,another story) was that my friend had been to Umeå on one of the days on our christmas holiday, while there she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced, but she couldn't since that studio only had bookings by the hour.

Frustrated she went home to our apartment and starting thinking about going to Kramfors to do the piercing and I started thinking about doing one too. Being the impulsive person than I am...

I started thinking about what kind of piercing I wanted. I had always, since I was like 13, wanted three piercings in my right eyebrow, so I decided to go for at least one. But why stop at one piercing? I spent the night thinking if I should go for the eyebrow/second mouche or eyebrow/nose. The morning thereafter I had come to settle my mind on eyebrow/nose.

We didn't find any number to the parlor in Kramfors but luckily we happened to come across an piercing/tattoo-artist's phone number in Härnösand so we called him instead of the dude in Kramfors. His name was Paul and he, too, had bookings by the hour but he actually had a spot open for us at 3 pm, so we booked that.

It was only 9 in the morning so I poked my comp and started searching, what had I gotten myself into, did I really want this?

I stumbled over BME and read alot about the eyebrow piercings, getting more and more nervous.

On the bus, on our way to Härnösand, I felt I had no way back.

In Härnösand we trodded around for a great deal of time, not knowing where to go, so I stepped into a café and asked a nice lady there where the parlor was and she gave us directions.

We found it pretty fast, but we were still 15 minutes late. But Pauld was totally cool with it. We shook hands and explained what we wanted done and off we went.

Linda wanted to go first and I was okay with that. Paul directed her onto a bedlike-thing, and he measured her eyebrow, picking out the right size of the barbell and then marked her and told her to lie down. I wanted to see hoe it was done so I stayed to watch and she grabbed my hand and she was all sweaty in it.

I watched as Paul pinched her skin and started to insert the hollowed needle and Linda's nails went directly into my hand and I just smiled at her. It was done very quick, can't have taken more than two minutes to do and she was totally fascinated by it.

Next was me. Paul put me on the "bed" measured my eyeborw and I, as usual when I meet someone new, started asking him questions: where he was from (England), what part (London), what he was doing etc.

He explained the process very clearly and informative to me and I was totally fascinated by it.

I was then to lie down and close my eyes, he washed the area (witch he had marked with an Overhead pencil) and still instructing me to close my eyes and I felt him put something hard onto the skin which he was pinching. I felt a sting when he started to put the needle in and I, refusing to ever show any sign of pain, just laid still, Lindas hand in mine (never squeesing it proud).

It didn't really hurt, it was more like some throbbing. The only thing that sort of hurt was when the barbell was in that plastic tube and he was going to put the jewllery out throuch the bottom hole. He was sort of poking around somewhat and that disturbed me.

What I'm most proud of is that I never showed that it hurt (there was no actual pain) my eyeborw only knitted for an instant.

We hadn't had the time to go to our ATM before the piercings so we were actually allowed to go to it and take out our money. We went back to him, as promised, and payed. Mi piercings (since I also did the nose) went for 700 SEK, and Lindas 500.

Totally worth it...

It's been three weeks now and I never had any real problem with it.

I was somewhat scared that he'd pierced to close to the surface and that it was going to migrate but it hasn't yet. I've just cleaned it with a mix of a tablespoon of regular salt and about half a cup of nearly boiled water. It has worked excellent so far.

Next up was my nosepiercing but that's another story, isn't it?

In the future I'm planning on piercing my tongue (probably week 10), my nipple (undecided), my mouche should have company and perhaps a septum.

Maybe an "intimate" will be in the future also.

If you want your eyebrow done, just do it, it doesn't hurt that much and it's really fun to play with during math class.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: Paul%27s+Custom+Tattooing
Location: H%E4rn%F6sand%2C+Sweden

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