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My first "Normal" facial piercing

Before the piercing

You know that need to be poked once again? Well, my eyebrow piercing was pretty much a spur of the moment decision. I had the itch for a new piercing, months before I got it done in December 2004. Before that I went about six months before I got a new piercing, which is a long time for me. I have had many piercings in my life, ears, facial, tongue, and navel, have even had my nipple done once. So six months is a long time to wait for me. Before I went in to get pierced, it was a tough decision between another industrial piercing, or an eyebrow one. I almost went towards an industrial one, just because most jobs around here allow ear piercings, and none of them allow facial ones. Then I realized that I like to sleep and with a new industrial piercing I would not be able to sleep on my left side for a few months. So I decided that another industrial piercing is not for me, for now. Turns out at the piercing place I went to they don't pierce cartilage because they take forever to heal and all that good stuff. So I guess I made the right choice with an eyebrow piercing.

At the piercing place

I went to The Chapel in Albert Lea, Minnesota because that is the only piercing place in Albert Lea. There used to be another one, but the piercer got fired, which sucks.

I had to wait about two weeks to get pierced, because The Chapel is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight. Well, those are the times when my mom is usually on the computer doing homework for college. Finally, one night she was going to go to some Christmas party thing with a group of people she knows from her meeting. I really wanted this piercing, as I was sick of waiting. I got her to write me a note saying that it's OK for me to get a new piercing; I dropped her off at the meeting spot for her and went off to The Chapel with my boyfriend. I gave Gilbert the note saying that my mom could not be there, and he had to call her and make sure it was her who signed the note.

I chose a 16 gauge stainless steel curved barbell with pinkish purple spikes for balls. There was not that many to choose from, they were all 16 gauge curved barbells but some had balls and some had spikes. Gilbert put the barbell I picked in some clear stuff saying he was cleaning it... I don't remember the exact words he said. We let that soak while we picked the eyebrow and area on the eyebrow to pierce it. I decided my left eyebrow because my industrial is on the right side, and I wanted to feel more 'evened out' with my piercings. The piercing was at an angle, and it was pierced closer to my ear on my eyebrow, if that makes any sense. That is almost the best way I can explain to where it was pierced. Basically like any normal eyebrow piercing would be. He pierced it with a 16 gauge needle. The piercing itself didn't really hurt that bad. It hurt a bit more than my tongue ones; my tongue ones were my least painful, making it my second least painful piercing. I was kind of surprised it did not hurt, but then again I take piercing pain well. It was weird because he seemed slightly nervous, maybe he wasn't used to doing eyebrow piercings. The entire thing cost $35; I forgot to give him a tip and realized that after I left.

After the piercing

After the piercing, my boyfriend and I went to one of his friend's house. We were fooling around a bit and bumped my eyebrow piercing. Wow did that hurt.

I was told that it takes three weeks for the eyebrow piercing to heal, but after I came home I read stuff on BME, and the tribalectic.com message boards, and came to the conclusion not to change the jewelry for four to six weeks, so that is what I have been doing. The first week or two I cleaned it with sea salt, then started towards the "leave it the hell alone" method and now I only clean it in the shower. It has migrated a bit; it is less angled now than it was before. But I don't think it is rejecting, at least I hope it isn't. I am going to attempt to change the barbell in a week or two and hope for the best. From what I have read most eyebrow piercings start rejecting after the first time the person changes it, so I am hoping that I will be lucky and it won't reject.

The piercing has made me feel better about myself, as stupid as it may sound. A lot of people in school told me that it looked really nice on me. With people saying good things about me it raises my self esteem, which I need badly. If you are thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced I would say go for it. It is more of a 'normal' facial piercing and people don't judge you that much with it. From what I have seen with my other facial piercings they stare at it less than they stare at my septum one, or my retired lip ones.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Gilbert
Studio: The+Chapel
Location: Albert+Lea%2C+MN

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