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eyebrow piercing

I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for a very long time. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for a very long time. One of my mates had got it done and another wanted it done so I thought I would as well. I thought they looked amazing so I went up to oasis to check on prices as well, I checked out Selfridges body piercing as well but it was £40. I simply could not afford to have to pay double what I would in oasis as I was told it is just as good. So when I finally asked my mum if I could have it done it was a ok if you pay yourself and if I can come with you. So I thought yes then she said and if your dad agrees now I don't live with my dad and he hates piercing so I thought this could be a problem. But then he lives with someone who has 20 and he has to put up with that everyday but in the end I dropped it.

I dropped it for about 3 months but then I though why should I. I have wanted it done for about a year so I'll just ask and see what he says. So I started dropping hints of how I liked eyebrow piercing and I was thinking of getting it done and all I got was don't even think about it. I was gutted, so I asked anyway and he asked what it would look like, would it be worth it. After all of this he said well its your face not mine and left the matter at that.

So the next day I went to oasis with my mum and I was felling fine. When we got to the shop I was feeling bit nervous but my mum just went up to the counter and said I wanted it done. So after we had filled out the forms she asked me whether I would like a bar or a ring, so I said a 1.6mm bar. She then went through to the other room and told us it would take about 10 minutes to be prepared and to just wait on the seats. During this 1o minutes my nerves went straight up and I was dreading it. Although the piercer herself had got her cheeks pierced twice on each side telling me that she'd had it done here and it was fine so this made e feel a bit better.

Then she finally came over and asked me to come through my mum watched her open the needle make sure everything was clean, then she marked it out on my eyebrow where she thought it would look best gave me a mirror to see and I thought would look good so I said ok. She told me to sit back down and relax while she wiped it and froze it. Then she told me there would a slight pinch and it would be done, so I closed my eyes felt it go through but it did not hurt so I opened my eyes and the needle was dangling from my eyebrow. she quickly put the bar in and it was done.

I walked over to the mirror feeling a bit shaky and loved it so after she had gone through cleaning it etc we left the shop. As we were walking round Birmingham I felt a bit faint as it was hot so we went for a drink somewhere and was surprised at how much it had swelled up and as it was not numb anymore it was starting to ache a bit. I went to the toilet and thought it had bruised all around it then I realised it was just the dots that she had marked out because she had used purple pen as I sighed and laughed in relief I went to sit down opposite my mum so she could get a good look at it. I had a slight head ache for a couple of days after but then it was fine and I still loved it. For the first couple of weeks when I was walking with my mum I made sure I walked on the side where she could see it so she got used to it and she now actually likes it and thinks it looks quite good Anyone who wants it done I recommend it is painless and I have had no trouble with it. I would also recommend oasis as they have been there for years and are classed as one of the best places in Birmingham. I am now looking to buy a new curved barbell with cones on the end and I am hoping it will look just as good if not better.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: unknown
Studio: oasis
Location: birmingham

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