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I'd do it again and again!

    About a year and a half ago, at the age of 23 I got my first real piercing. I had always been interested in piercings, but my job at the time didn't allow them. After I left my job and started my own business I was free to do what I wanted. My husband and I decided to get our eyebrows done at the same time. We went to one of the very few places in our area that do piercings. We knew the place had a good reputation for tattoos, but we knew nothing about the piercer. I was very surprised how nice of a place it was. Very clean with friendly people.

We filled out all the paper work and picked out our jewelry. I chose a captive bead ring and my husband chose a barbell. Kris (the piercer) doesn't allow anyone to go with you into the piercing room. So I decided to go first, but was unhappy to be going in alone. Once Kris and I started talking though, I was much more at ease and didn't mind being alone.

She explained all of the cleaning methods they do and showed me the autoclave they use. All was very clean and sanitary. She marked my eyebrow and it looked fine to me. I laid down on the chair which to me looked like a dentist chair. (I hate the dentist!)

I was getting really scared at that point. She talked to me the whole time because she knew I was getting nervous. I was so scared that I was gonna jerk my head away as the needle went in and ruin the whole thing. She told me it was one piercing that she could get over and over again, it was that painless. I didn't believe her.

All the tools were ready and she clamped my eyebrow. I heard a lot of bad things about the clamps, but to me they weren't painful. She told me to take a deep breath and on the release the needle went in. I said "Is that it? That's what I was so scared of?" She was right. It didn't hurt at all. No worse than getting your ears pierced. It hurt more as she put the ring in and squeezed the ball in. All that worry and it was over in a flash. She explained the whole after care process and gave me a paper to read.

After making sure I was okay she let me stand up and look in the mirror. I loved it! The ring was a little big for my face though. I didn't say anything to her, because I figured I'd get to change it soon. Wrong! She suggested that I not change it for at least six months. Changing it before then might cause a problem she said. So I was stuck with it.

I went out and showed it to my husband and then it was his turn. He agreed later that it barely hurt. So for all you people who want one, don't be afraid of the pain. It's over so quickly and it's so worth it.

We both had headaches for a couple hours afterwards, and mine was really sore. I had to get used to sleeping on my other side so I wasn't laying on it at night. During the healing time my husband had a much easier time with the bar than I did with a ring. Mine got knocked around more and was just more of a hassle.

About two months after it was done, my eyebrow got infected. I had a lump next to the hole that was full of pus. The pus would drain out then come right back. It looked horrible and it just wouldn't go away. I tried to take care of it as best as I could, but the pus just kept coming back. I should have gone to a doctor, but I didn't. I decided to not make things worse and I kept the same ring in. I got used to how big it was because I had no other choice.

Eventually the pus stopped coming back and the lump went away. It took months to get rid of it. I'm not trying to scare anyone away from getting one. It was totally worth it. I just had a bit of a problem with mine. My husbands was fine from the beginning. It all depends on your body and the way you take care of it.

I kept the same ring in until after the one year mark. Just to be safe. I changed it to a bar right away. I bought all different colored balls and changed them all the time. An eyebrow piercing can be so fun! Now it's been around a year and a half and I'm wearing a ring again. A much smaller, cuter ring than I started out with.

Was it all worth it? Completely! Would I do it again? Over and over! If you're thinking about doing it, go out and do it! You won't regret it! Just one warning. You will get addicted!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Nov. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kris
Studio: Wizards+World+2
Location: Birdsboro%2C+PA

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