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Starting an addiction

My eyebrow was the first piercing that I ever got. I had always admired how it looked on people and wanted to get one of my own when I turned 18. I was a little concerned with how my parents might react although it was something that I had thought about for at least three years and I felt that my parents would ultimately be understanding even if at first they reacted a little brashly. Whenever I saw people that had their brow pierced I just liked the odd symmetry that it added to their face. A simple proclamation that facial piercings add to a person that sometimes ears can't say.

So my 18th birthday came and went. And then my first year of college started. And like so many college students I had to do something wild and crazy to kick off the start. After the second week of school me and some friends went downtown to get various piercings taken care of: ear, brow, and belly buttons for different people in the crowd. You could tell that the shop was doing a nice business with all of the students returning to the town.

My roommate came with me because he was experienced with tattoos and I was a body mod virgin at the time, I wanted to have someone double check and make sure things were going alright... basic things like sterilization and whatnot. In retrospect the place I went probably wasn't the most credible. A regular retail store up front and then having to slip into a room into a curtained off section of the store which made me feel as though I was completing a drug trade or something, the various glass pipes for sale around me didn't alleviate this feeling either. However the piercer had plenty of holes himself and that made me feel more comfortable that the person poking me had some experience.

I took care of the paperwork and payment and then went to the waiting room and watched as my other friends went and got their various piercings take care of. Watching them all get their stuff done made the tension in the room go up so high, and by the time it was finally my turn my heart was pumping solidly. The place had a fun window into the piercing room where me and everyone else would watch the person getting pierced. Just watching the setup and then pushing the needle through got me very nervous.

Finally though it was my turn to go in. I asked how much this piercing would bleed because I was a little concerned if I was going to be getting blood all over the place. The piercer told me that eyebrows don't usually bleed much and was nothing to worry about. Then she took out the tools and made sure to show me the opening of the autoclave bag. We worked together to make sure to get the placement was correct. I didn't want to have it at the edge of my eyebrow as they generally like to place them, I told the piercer that I wanted it more toward the middle of the brow, largely so it would stand out more. The dots were placed and then the clamps umm... clamped. This part really didn't hurt at all. Just felt like a light pinching really. But then came the fun part! The needle was finally pulled out. Luckily I am not afraid of needles, years of allergy shots got me over that fear right quick. Although knowing this one was going through my skin leaving a mark was a bit unsettling. My 'natural' face was about to get defiled and I was about to get introduced to the freaky subculture of the pierced. Woohoo!

And then the words I love to hear so much were said: "Alright, take three breaths in and on the third exhale we are going through" :: Close eyes :: ~zen time ~ 1 inhale.... 2 inhale.... 3 inhale.... exhale

It felt as though a really big mosquito had just bitten me. The worse part was when I opened my eyes and saw this huge needle precariously close to my eyeball. Thank god I didn't sneeze. Dabbing of the blood began. Then more words were said that I enjoy hearing notable less... "you got a bit of blood." Since I had decided to pierce my brow in a more "fleshy" area the needle had cored out a bit more than usual. Nothing dangerous in blood lose, although well more than usual which got me a little concerned with it being my first piercing. Oh well, blood is meant to be lost, thats why we can make more!

And off I went! The area was of course a little sore for the next couple of days. Aftercare was a cinch, just used saline solution and dial soap to clean it. In the shower I made sure to get rid of any crust that had formed overnight. No infection, no rejection. The largest problem was just whenever it got caught on shirts taking them on and off. My parents also took it remarkably well. The first thing my mom said the next time I saw her was "What did you do to your face?!" but they weren't completely shocked, earlier that week I had asked her the hypothetical question about me getting it done and they knew I had wanted it for years. Initially I had planned on having several piercings on the brow, although I like the simplicity of just one... maybe later more will be added though.

Now two years later I cannot imagine my face without the brow piercing. It's odd how now I look at my face and rarely notice its even there, but everyday I love rubbing down the brow and feeling it there, it just provides such a sense of comfort somehow. Also it does a good job of not getting too much in the way of things. It will get caught on clothes occasionally but that is something that I realize quick enough... There was one time wrestling it got caught on the carpet and then my face got pulled up with it attached still... You'd be amazed how well brow can stretch. And also, while the place I went to didn't seem like the most reputable I haven't had any problems with any of my piercings from them and they do have a very professional piercing group.

To anyone thinking about getting a piercing, or even an eyebrow in specific, go for it. I think its a great piercing to start out with since the pain is really minimal. Also its very well accepted culturally. I have had people say they don't even notice it until I point it out and jobs don't seem to mind it either. Little did I know that this would also open the door to the wonderful world of body mod, something that I can't live without now. You could say it grows on you ;)


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on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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