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please read before considering an eyebrow piercing

In my search for accurate information regarding body modifications, I have come across some stories that did not, I feel, prepare me for the actual piercing. This may be a result of a unique, unintentional scar I have that goes horizontally across my entire eyebrow. I've had this since I was a baby and I will never know what it feels like to have "normal" eyebrows. However, my boyfriend thinks it's beautiful, and most people ask me about it when they first meet me because it is "the coolest damn thing" they've ever seen. I felt this was reason enough to pierce my eyebrow. For those of you who are lucky enough to have such distinguishing marks, this story is in honor of you and your unintentional originality.

I'm sure my actual piercing experience does not differ from those with "normal" eyebrows, however, when first considering my piercing, I collaborated with my piercer, who I found out about through friends. She told me instantly that my piercing could not be done because the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) around my eyebrow had been moved and were not in the conventional places because when the doctors stitched my scar up, they moved...thus creating a problem for her, because she could not pierce it and have it bleed everywhere. I was heartbroken, because I had convinced my conservative (aka anti-body mod people) that this piercing would suit me. They agreed, after much talk, research and whatnot. This, of course, I feel is the #1 most important thing when even considering a piercing. There are many sites (bme, hello!!) that will tell you the real deal about your piercing. Please do not be stupid and disregard medical sites, even if they say bad things about your piercing of choice. Be educated and seek a professional or you may not be happy with your results which could include poor placement, infection, rejection, etc. Anyway, back to being totally heartbroken...that lasted a few seconds, because my piercer took a second look. She decided she could try to pierce me, but there was a very good chance I'd end up with a black eye if she accidentally hit a capillary. She then left it up to my mom and I. My mom and bestfriend, who had accompanied me, thought this was not a terrible price to pay since I had my heart set on it. They told me I should still get it done.

My mom and I followed my piercer into the back room. I loved this part. My piercer stood and talked to my mom for a while, showed us everything to make us more comfortable. I was not rushed, even though there were other customers waiting to get things done. This helped to ease my nervousness. After my piercer washed her hands, she began to tell me the process in which she was going to pierce me. She sat down and showed me the needle ( I am not afraid of needles, I don't see the point.) however, I was taken aback because it was hollow. I had not read about this in anyone's story, and I thought I would mention it, because this would be a very good reason not to pierce yourself with a sewing needle or safety pin (I did my best friend's belly button this way. It was unsuccessful. Do NOT attempt this ever. I'm very serious. Safety pins are made of low grade metal that are not good for your skin.)

My actual piercing was rather painless. I'm not going to lie, because, in all honesty, you're getting a needle shoved through your eyebrow, the point is to expect some discomfort. My piercer did not use a clamp, as it was not her style. I am not experienced with clamps at all, but my experience was pleasant enough without it and it did not effect the placement. My piercer had given me a stuffed animal to hold on to and this, believe it or not, really helped. I had closed my eyes when she pierced it, and thinking it was over, I opened them. I was faced with a needle very close to my eye. My piercer laughed because I had not been expecting it. She then informed me she'd be putting my jewelry in and it might hurt a little. I did not feel it. She then gave me a mirror and I was instantly in love.

My piercer then took out an aftercare sheet and read it all to me, asking if I had any questions. They were very clear, so I did not. My specific piercing has healed beautifully. I have had this piercing for 2 years now and I am still getting compliments about my scar and piercing together. I chose to use bactine as my aftercare product because i was not sure where to find sea salt, and table salt is Not the same thing. Please do not use this, it will only irritate your piercing. This has since changed, sea salt is not difficult to find. Another suggestion- leave in your original piece of jewelry until you're sure your piercing has healed. Patience is important if you want your piercing to heal quickly and look nice later in life as well. I suggest you even revisit your piercer and have him or her show you how to change your jewelry the first time. Do not hesitate to visit your piercer or call them if you think you have an infection, or if you simply need reassurance that your piercing is healing properly. When you first go to check out a piercing place, and you don't feel like you could do that when you meet the piercer, then it is probably not the place for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Long story, but I consider myself very informed when it comes to piercings and I only wish for those of you who consider them to have only the best memories before and after your piercing. Infections are not fun, however, a little grossness is expected after the initial inflammation has worn down, so don't be shocked. Again, I encourage those of you who are looking into this piercing to ask all the questions you want in order to be comfortable with your decision. Piercings become a part of you, they require a lot of careful, thought-out decision making, so please do so. After all is said and done, I adore my piercing and I hope you love yours as much as I love mine. My next piercings I am planning on are my navel and tragus.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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