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My first real piercing

I had my eyebrow pierced at Damian's City Tattoo in PA just over a month ago. People all over my area had recommended this place, and I'm glad they did. The people were extremely friendly and the work was excellent; I definitely plan to go back. It was my first "real" piercing, too. My parents had my ears pierced when I was only about a month old, so I had an early start. I had wanted to have my eyebrow pierced since I was in elementary school. I ended up going with my mom and sister, who each got their own modifications. My mom had a sun tattooed on her foot; she took it well, no tears. She was scared as hell though. My sister had her nose pierced. I got to go first, because I'm the only one out of us with any balls. 

Jay took me back, after we had filled out all of the forms, to the piercing section of the shop. I was a little nervous because I hadn't had any memories of having anything pierced, so I had no idea what to expect. So he drew the dots on my face, and told me to take a look. I thought they looked great, so I sat down and he put the clamp on. Breathe in, breath out, and it was done. It was so easy and it was completely painless. I swear I didn't feel a thing. I was actually pretty embarrassed by the fact that I had been nervous. Think: facial spasms. But I made my self calm down; I didn't want to mess him up because I had some crazy nervous twitch. I went to look in the mirror, and there was a little blood, but it looked great. At first I thought the ring was too big, but I got used to it after seeing it a few times, and I think it's perfect now. 

    The first night my eyebrow had felt very bruised and sleeping was a trick because I woke up whenever I rolled onto my right side. After the first day though, the soreness was completely gone, and the redness around the piercing had pretty much gone away. It was still a tiny bit painful to twist it during the first few days. The after care was very simple too. Clean it with a solution they sell at most piercing places a few times a day, and twisting while I was cleaning. The only this I would change is the price.  Fifty dollars for an eyebrow ring... I'm not really sure what the standard is, but I think I could have done it myself, which would have been much cheaper. They also didn't go over the procedure with me at all. All I got was sit down, take a look, breathe in, breath out, take a look, good? Ok, bye. I've been reading people's experiences that say they were taken through it, and shown the sterilized needles. I wasn't even asked it I was ok with the jewelry being put in. Despite this all, it was a great experience, and, although Jay didn't tell me much about the actual procedure, he was very nice and kept me form being nervous.  

My sister chickened out when she saw the needle, but she promised my mom she would go through with it if my mom got a tattoo. She had always wanted one, but my dad hates them. He also hates eyebrow piercing, and has been giving me dirty looks since I've had it. They told my mom she was lucky, because most places in our areas won't do feet or hands, and she really wanted a sun on the top of her foot. She looked like she was in quite a bit of pain, but she has a very low tolerance. Before it was her turn, there had been a guy, about 23, getting his arm tattooed. He completely flipped out and told the guy he had to stop. But my mom went through with it anyway. She's extremely happy with it now. So my sister ended up going through with her nose piercing too, and now has a very nice diamond stud. So we ended up walking out with a total of one tattoo, one nose ring, and one great eyebrow ring.

Now my eyebrow is already nearly fully healed, and looking great. I couldn't be happier with it. If anyone is thinking about getting a facial piercing, go with the eyebrow. It's quick, completely painless, and looks amazing. Mostly everyone has agreed that it's damn cool, and some people have even told me that I have "a great face for it", but I think it looks great on just about everyone. I am a little worried about it migrating, but I'm definitely enjoying having it now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: Damian%27s+City+Tattoo
Location: PA

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