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Broken Heart vs Bridge a-Piercing

Preface: Not that anybody needs a bunch of background information. You're like, I want to know about the piercing, not your inability to maintain a decent, charming relationship (ever), you sad, sad spinster. So I'll make this brief:
In fact, I'll make it an algebraic equation because I'm real awesome:

Astrid (a) gets spontaneous body modification done at troubled times. Her boyfriend (x) soooo dumped her yesterday. (a) + (x) = Bridge piercing, duh.

Yeah, so that sucked. Upon rolling out of bed after about ninety-three million hours of being depressed and pathetic, I decided it was due time to get my head out of that terrible flurry of post-breakup trauma.

The idea of getting my bridge pierced had crossed my mind a whole lot over the past couple of months, but a few curiosities...

a.) would it be too much? (My septum and lip are pierced, too.)
b.) could I pull it off? (I'll admit, I'm awkward enough as is.) c.) would it make me just too hardcore? (I'm kidding. KIND OF.) . kept me from taking the final step - actually getting it done.

However, it only took a ten-minute phone call... a.) "I'm sorry. I hope I didn't lead you on. I just don't have time for a relationship right now." . to sway me.

I Remember It Like it Was Yesterday... Okay.
So it was yesterday. Which is why I'm still rather bitter.

I've been going to Hooligan's since I was but 16 years old. Save for a crooked labret (that guy's gone now anyway) I've had no problems with any of my piercings and they've all been straight and fabulous. Plus they're open until six on Sunday.

A few people were there when I walked in (looking like a soggy rat, mind you). The man at the front counter whom I'd never met before asked me what I wanted done. I crossed my eyes and said 'bridge'. He told me he'd be with me in a few minutes. I sat down and hyperventilated for a little while. You'd think after having upwards of twenty piercings I'd be done with getting nervous. But I still do, real bad.

I Like Hooligan's Lots! Besides my being cool with the guys there and getting discounts on piercings and things, Hooligan's generally has that feel-good atmosphere. And you know about those sketchy holes-in-the-wall that big, bearded biker men all posse around. (Note: If you're a big, bearded biker man in a posse, no offense to you.) Hooligan's is very clean, but not in that doctor's office sort of way. Everything is sterile and kept in those little blue bags until use, then thrown away immediately. The walls are big, bright colors and decorated with flash and .. flash, and your occasional Dawn of the Dead movie poster, and there's usually death metal blaring out of one of the rooms.

It's a good place. I like it.

So. Man-at-front-counter does what he needs to do with other customers then acknowledges me. Hello. I ask him how much it's going to be since I'm broke and he says "$40." Which is sweet. Because I'm broke. I was thinking somewhere around $60, so that was all fine and great for me. He said I could sit and wait for a bit while he prepared. So I went through phase two of my hyperventilating and tried to preoccupy myself by flipping through a portfolio of somebody that works there.

After about four minutes he peeks around a corner and tells me I can come up now. At this point I'm reasoning with my stomach because it rather likes twisting itself up all over the place when I'm about to be in a compromising position. The thing doesn't listen, as expected, so I settle with it and waddle into the room.

He tells me to have a seat and that his name is Maynard and it's nice to meet you. Likewise, except my name is Astrid, how are you. And he tells me he's fine and asks me how I am and I say I'm heartbroken and miserable, to which he has no reply. He puts on a pair of sassy blue gloves.

I notice he's got everything laying out on his table - The needle is resting ominously in a blob of whiteish goo, its wrapper laying a few inches from it. The jewelry, a 14g stainless steel barbell, is next to the needle, also in goo. Some inches from that are the parsnips, or the foresnips, or .. you know, those things that pinch the skin so it can be pierced. I'll call them pliers because I'm an idiot. (You'd think I'd know the name for these things. But alas.) It's got a rubber band on it so it can be tightened without him having to hold onto it with too much pressure. Then a few Q-tips, then some alcohol, and some iodine-like substance.

He rips open the iodine and, using a Q-tip, cleans the sides of my nose where the piercing will go. I request it not be aligned with the corners of my eyes but rather a little higher. He complies, pinching the area, making sure there's enough skin and whatever else is in there to pierce sufficiently. Indeed! He explains to me that he's going to mark the area to make sure the piercing is perfect. Using another Q-tip, he draws a straight line across my bridge using a magenta sharpie marker. (So this probably isn't the most orthodox way of aligning a piercing but I assumed he knew what he was doing.) He marked two dots where the piercing would enter and exit, then told me to check on it. I stood in front of the mirror and got real close, and the left side looked the tiniest bit too low. I told him, he fixed it, I checked it and liked what I saw.

SO THIS IS THE POINT IN THE STORY WHEN I GET PIERCED! He told me to close my eyes and that he was going to put the pliers on and that it was going to pinch and be uncomfortable for a bit. I expected that. As if I didn't know the answer, I asked him if it was going to hurt. He said it was more than likely going to hurt way less than my septum and probably even less than an eyebrow piercing, although I've never had one. I told him I loved getting piercings. He said he hated it, which I found ironic.

When the pliers were adjusted accordingly, he picked up the needle and told me to breathe normally and on the count of two to take in a deep breath and exhale on three. Ready? He says. One, and he already started pushing the needle in, the clever bastard. Two, I forgot which number to breathe in on, so I hold my breath until three and.. Oh! OH! Oh.. oh. Oh? Oh.

That's it. If you've ever gotten a cartilage piercing you're familiar with that POP of the needle pushing through the final layer. I didn't think that was going to happen because the skin is soft and squishy, but lo. It didn't gross me out, probably because I was still a little preoccupied with the fact that a needle sliding across the bridge of my nose was a little more than uncomfortable, but that was all. My eyes didn't water and I hardly bled (such a trouper).

He asked me if I was okay. I kind of wonder what a piercer would do if you said 'no'. No, I'm not okay. There's a needle in my skin. But I was okay, so I told him so. He said, good. Now I'm going to put the jewelry in. I need you to hold real still and keep your eyes closed. So of course I opened them just a little to see what it looked like, but I assumed my fiercest statue pose and felt as the jewelry pressed on behind the needle and then he screwed the little ball on the other side and, hey. I got my bridge pierced. He cleaned me up with a bit of alcohol and told me to take a look. Hot damn.

Cue Adrenaline Rush, the Encore:

Maynizzard (I would never call him that in real life) gave me a card and asked me if I knew aftercare proceedure. I do. (Clean the piercing in the morning with a disinfectant and a Q-tip. Do that again at night, unless you're feeling particularly health-conscious, in which you should give the little guy a salt-soak. Make sure the crusties are removed. USE ONLY CLEAN HANDS!) He said if there were any problems or complications that I can call anytime or just come in. How convenient. He told me to wait a month or two before changing the jewelry, but I'm in no rush; it's a pretty good size. He collected my money (I gave him a $5 tip because of how much I liked it) and he sent me on my way.

There were a few girls sitting in the waiting area as I walked out, my face contorted in a bemused grin. My bridge was red and starting to swell. "Oh, did that hurt?" one of them asked. And I said it did, but not so much. And then I walked outside.

..skipped outside.

HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT MY FACE!! If you're like me (bless your soul) you want to show the entire world your new mod. Doy. I called a few friends and told them of my new piercing, but I wanted to actually show somebody.

So I went to where I work. (Seriously, I'm totally sweet.)

I walked in and immediately the piercing was noticed. Yessss. Everybody said they liked it (they could have been lying, I don't know) and commented about the swelling. It was kind of bulgy, and it still rather is, but the swelling has gone down considerably since yesterday.

OKAY SO I'M WRITING THIS TWO DAYS AFTER. It's still the tiniest bit swollen and quite tender, but I'm hardly aware of it unless I scrunch my eyebrows or .. well, I'm not sure, but I make this face and it sort of hurts a bit. Or if I look surprised, then it kind of stings.

I hardly notice the balls next to my eyes unless the light hits them just so. Otherwise, I'm not trying to stare at them and I'm not going crosseyed. And I love it.

It bleeds only slightly when I remove the dreaded crusties, but there's no dramatic bloodflow down my nose. Just a spot here or there.

I'm sure it's not the healthiest thing to do, but I keep making people touch my nose where the bar's going through. It's a weird feeling. Having a bar through the bridge of your nose.

And sleeping isn't really an issue, but I don't sleep on my face. It's not even awkward sleeping on my side. What's a problem, though, is when you're used to rubbing your eyes in the morning and bump it a bit. It doesn't like that. (Right, rubbing your eyes is a bit of a problem in itself because it eeks the piercing left and right and makes it a bit sore.)

.and Then the Encouragement for Anybody Who Wants This Thing: Yes, um, do it. I was nervous about the pain, pfft. And I know everybody has a different pain tolerance and .. other things. But to be completely and wholly honest with you, getting my bridge pierced was probably the least painful piercing I've ever had. (Minus my ears, but they don't count anyway.)

It hurt a lot less than a broken heart, anyway. (Awww.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Maynard
Studio: Hooligan+Ink
Location: Kent%2C+OH

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