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bridging the gap, (pun intented)

It was during the summer that I decided that I wanted to get pierced, so I got a Madonna; all went well accept I wanted more. I didn't want another lip piercing or my nose done, so the search was on to find my next one.

I was looking through pages and pages of piercings, at different faces, I wanted something that suited my face, (it's shallow I know). So I found the bridge piercing, it looked stunning on some folks and totally silly on others, some folks were squint, some were too high, some looked stuck on, so it was imperative that I was absolutely sure.

But then more decisions, horizontal or vertical?

I decided on horizontal.

One thing that was bothering me was, will it hurt? When I got my madonna the guy numbed it for me and I've never had any bother or soreness with it. So I did some research and asked people who were in the know, most people said that the no piercer uses anything to numb any area to be pierced, so from then on I was sceptical about the advice I received. I went to see the guy, Phil, to see what the procedure would be and if any numbing would be used and what type of bar is used, whether it was straight or curved and what the cost is.

One thing I will say about this guy is he knows his stuff and he really put my mind at rest and my heart, he is so calm and collected that it is so easy to trust him.

Anyway the price was £30. That's not too bad I thought.

I asked him my queries, he was very helpful. He said that a straight bar would be used, there is usually enough skin to pierce at that point of the nose. He doesn't use any numbing agent there because it could run into the eyes and I guess that could cause damage to them, thus he could be sued and shut down, so I didn't argue. He kept saying to me that everybody experiences pain differently, so possibly it wont affect me, but I thought that sounded too good to be true, so I still worried about the pain.

Never the less I made an appointment for a week in advance, usually not needed but I was going away for a few days.

So for the next week I got really excited and nervous and at some points scared. The day was getting closer. I hadn't told my boyfriend because he didn't want me to get another piercing, he didn't want me to get the madonna either but that has grown on him since so I thought so would this one, and after all it is my body.

So anyway I had no support, so the nerves were building up, I thought at one point I was going to cave in and not go, but I didn't.

It was a Wednesday I think, the day before I went back to university. I walked into the studio, Phil was leaning over the counter watching me come in, I said I'm here to get my bridge done, he said ok just give me a few minutes to get ready and measure your nose. So he did all that, there was no-one else in the place so I felt a bit more relaxed, I kept asking him will it hurt, will it bleed, I started to shake. I composed myself and held onto the chair.

He was busy marking me trying to get it straight. So I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. I think the best part of a piercing is the build up, its strange thinking back on it now.

Anyway it was straight so he pinched my skin and pushed the needle through, it was as simple and as boring as that, no pain what so ever. It was unreal, I couldn't believe that someone had pushed a needle through my skin and I hardly felt it, I was very relieved. So the jewellery went in, there was a little blood, I made a joke about that I think and he laughed. So I paid him and went home.

When I got home I was happy, it looked great a little swollen but that was all. I felt as though when I looked at it I looked cock eyed, I was getting paranoid I couldn't do that before and I still can't.

My mum came round that night, previously I had told her that I was getting it done and she didn't like the idea and thought it would look horrible, but she never even noticed it. RESULT!!

My boyfriend on the other hand was pretty indifferent about it, but I'm still working on him.

All my friends at university think it suits me, I don't know how many times I've been asked "did that hurt?" I guess people will always ask me that.

        The end.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: phil
Studio: graeme%27s+tattoo+studio
Location: dundee%2C+scotland

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