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Great bridge piercing experience.

This is the second piercing that I've had. The first was my septum, which I had done back in February, which is what started my love of piercings. I wanted to get my septum stretched so I booked an appointment at Divine and told them I wanted to come in to do a stretching so they booked an appointment for me. Simple. But later that day I was on BME looking at pictures of piercings where I came across bridge piercings. So after looking at a few I thought about it and realized I didn't know anyone with one and I thought that I would like to get my bridge pierced as well. So the next day I phoned them back to extend my appointment so I could get my bridge pierced as well.

I had only decided to get my bridge pierced a few days ago, and I was a little nervous. I always am with piercings, haircuts, and stuff like that. It may always look good on somebody else, but you're never quite sure how it will look on you until it's done. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that I did want to get it done. So all week at work I was waiting for Friday to roll around to go get pierced.

So fast-forward to today. I got up a bit early because I had some stuff to do and my appointment was at 3 pm (I work night shifts). So I got there on time and the piercer Jason and I went over what I'd be getting done, what size of ring I was getting for my septum, and he was telling me about bridge piercings and everything I needed to know such as possible migration, long healing time, and that it may go to one side when I raise my eyebrows after it had been pierced. I was surprised to hear that it could take up to a year to heal. So after talking with him I went and paid for everything and then we went into the next room.

The atmosphere there was nice and the room was very clean. Jason is a pretty cool guy and really easy to talk and he knew what he was talking about and so I wasn't worried much at all. I was a bit nervous about getting my septum stretched though because I was pretty sure it was going to a lot. So he told me we should get that done with first so I laid down on the table and he took my ring out. A few seconds later he had the taper through my nose and before I knew it I had a 10 gauge CBR in my nose.

After I got the water out of my eyes I was back up again and Jason was marking my bridge and getting everything all lined up. He asked me to lift my eyebrows a bunch of times too to make sure it would be fairly straight after it was pierced too. He did it a few times and took his time and explained with bridge piercings that he usually extends appointments so that he doesn't feel rushed and so that he can do a good job. After marking both sides three times he told me to go check it out in the mirror. There he explained what the different marks were for and where he was piercing it. I also checked out the new ring in my septum which looks great!

So then it was time to pierce my bridge. I laid down again and Jason got the clamps and anything else he was using. I couldn't exactly see him because he was behind me and I was lying down. He made sure he had it lined up and then I felt the needle go in, slowly making it's way through my bridge and then out the other end. He put the 14-gauge barbell in there and I was good to go. So I got up to go check out my new piercing, wondering how it would look. I hoped it would look good, but of course I was a bit nervous. So I looked into the mirror and to my delight and surprise, it looked even better then I would have thought. It actually exceeded my expectations. I told him it was awesome and that I really like it. He was happy with that and asked me to raise my eyebrows to check it out, and the piercing stays straight. If it goes crooked at all it's not noticeable. After that he asked if he could take a picture of it and I said sure so he got out a digital camera and got a couple pictures of it.

My experience was great. I love my new piercing and my new septum ring looks great. So thanks to Jason for piercing me, and thanks to BME for sparking an interest.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Aug. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jason
Studio: Divine
Location: Saskatoon%2C+SK.+Canada.

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