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My First Body Piercing

I always thought eyebrow piercing was pretty cool, but I never really thought about it for me. I have 4 holes in my left ear and 3 in my right. I started wanting my eyebrow pierced about 2 months ago, and after bugging my mom for about a month I talked her into it. After I got her talked into it we went to Ocean City, Maryland for vacation, and in Maryland you have to be 18 to get a piercing with or without a parent. So I waited until after vacation and figured the next day I would get it done. Then I found out I would be going to the beach with my best friend jade, so I didn't get it done.

At Virginia Beach, there were plenty of piercing studios. Jade and I were walking down the boardwalk and went into a piercing studio called Ocean Mystique. Jade was looking to get her belly button pierced but since you have to have a parent with you I couldn't get my eyebrow pierced. At Ocean Mystique you had to have a birth certificate, photo ID, and a parent has to have a matching last name and address. Since we were on vacation, Jade didn't have a birth certificate or photo ID. We went to another piercing place called Curiosities Rock Shop. All they needed was a photo ID and your parents photo ID with matching last names. They told us to go down the street to a place called Wackybear, which was a Buildabear type place and get a photo ID. So we went to Wackybear, which we both looked really weird in since it was a little kid stuffed animal type place, and she got an ID.

She got her bellybutton pierced at Curiosities, which turned out real well (everything was sterile and clean and her belly button didn't bleed and didn't hurt). That night I was talking to my mom and told her about Jade's belly button piercing and she suggested I get an ID from Wackybear and put Jade's last name instead of mine so I can get my eyebrow pierced there. (I was very surprised she actually suggested getting a fake ID but who cares I wanted my eyebrow pierced).

So the next day I went to Wackybear, got a fake ID with jade's last name, and went to Curiosities to get my eyebrow pierced. Jade's mom posed as my mom since there has to be a parent there. I had to wait an hour since there was only one person in there and there has to be two people in the store. So I walked around and looked at things for a while until it was time. I picked out a curved barbell with black spikes and got ready to go.

The piercer, I didn't catch his name, but ill call him Chris since he looked exactly like my sister's boyfriend named Chris, already had everything sterilized before I got in there, which worried me a little because I didn't see him take the needle out of the bag. It helped that I was the first in there though since the only way he could reuse a needle is if he got one from the day before and I really doubt that. I decided to forget about it because he seemed like a nice guy and the needle looked sterilized.

He put the gloves on and drew the dots on my left eyebrow. I took Jade's word for it that it was placed well and he placed the clamps on. They didn't hurt at all. I could barely feel them. Then he pushed the needle through. It hurt a little more then I expected but it wasn't bad. It felt almost like a beesting but not as bad. Then he put the barbell through. That didn't hurt either, but my eyebrow was still stinging when he put the barbell and spike on. When he was almost finished, Jade got nervous and started talking about how my mom won't care about the piercing but my dad would be mad. Jade's mom kicked her since the piercer thought she was my mom. I guess he didn't notice though since he didn't say anything and he cant just pull the needle out and leave me there with a hole in my face.

After he got the barbell in and the spike I got up to look at my new piercing. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it but then as the day went on I liked it more and more. I called my dad and he was a little mad but he'll get over it and everyone liked it. It stung for about 2 hours but then it stopped hurting and I couldn't even feel it. I hit it about 10 times the first day since I couldn't tell it was there and I would rub my eyes or something. It hurt like hell every time. I slept with cotton taped over my eye so I wouldn't accidentally tear it out in my sleep. I cleaned it twice a day with salt water and bacitracin and it's looking pretty good so far. I'm not worried about infection, but I'm really worried about rejection. It's pretty common in eyebrow piercing.

In all, I would recommend eyebrow piercing to everyone looking to get it done since it is easy and isn't very painful. I would also recommend Curiosities rock shop since it's safe and sterile and not expensive at all. So if you want to get your eyebrow pierced, definitely go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: some+guy
Studio: Curiosities+Rock+Shop
Location: Virginia+Beach

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